Patricia Kennealy Takes Every Opportunity to Insert Herself Into Jim Morrison’s Life Story ‘Jim Morrison: Quotes, Songs & Wife’


This is the only “bio” piece with a title that is worded this way. The other biographies give a name and what the subject did for a living or what they were famous for.

Now, who would want to emphasize the word “wife” when it comes to Jim Morrison?

Who would want to write a “biography” about Jim Morrison where instead of using’s usual format this anonymous author wants to include the claim that Pamela Courson and Patricia Kennealy were the only two important women in Jim Morrison’s life?


“Morrison spent nearly the entirety of his adult life with a woman named Pamela Courson, and although he briefly married a music journalist named Patricia Kennealy in a Celtic pagan ceremony in 1970, he left everything to Courson in his will. (She was deemed his common law wife by the time of his death.) Throughout his relationships to Courson and Kennealy, however, Morrison remained an infamous womanizer.” 


While conveniently leaving out the fact that Kennealy was simply one of many women that Jim Morrison had an affair with outside of his long term relationship with Pamela Courson and that Jim Morrison never saw Kennealy as a serious girlfriend, let alone as his “wife”?


This could have been written by Kennealy herself – and the Biography Channel were two sources that were never exactly revered for fact-checking or for accuracy – or perhaps this was written by a fan of Kennealy’s who felt their favorite fiction author is somehow the victim of an injustice.


(And, no, anonymous author Jim Morrison did not spend “the entirety of his adult life” with only Pamela Courson. It is common knowledge that there was a young woman by the name of Mary Werbelow who Jim Morrison was deeply in love with and Werbelow remains the only woman Jim Morrison ever proposed to. In fact, Morrison proposed to Werbelow not once, but twice.

Kennealy left Werbelow out of her…”memoir”…and out of her online public rants and Werbelow was excluded from this “biography”. Interesting.)


This “biography” does reflect Patricia Kennealy’s trademark unintended self-contradiction as to whether SHE was more important to Jim Morrison than PAM was:


“He [Jim Morrison] saw me, I think, as somebody smarter and better for him, and he knew that if he failed with me it would be his fault, he would not be able to escape blame.”

“And what did Pamela leave behind her except a dead body in a Paris bathtub and a name to which shall cling forever the ineffaceable [sic] stink of whoredom and of smack.”

“And though he just posted a nice followup piece, he blows it to hell by mentioning the junkie hooker [Kennealy’s public reference to Pamela Courson] and their ‘common-law marriage’.”

“No, they can’t endure my truth because they have in their own tiny demented minds become Jim, become Pam, and my truth — and truth it is — so inconveniently interferes with their pathology, like matter and antimatter. Because if I’m right about Jim and me – and I am – then they must be wrong, and they find that intolerable.”


But I guess since Jim Morrison’s relationship with Pamela Courson is so well-documented and since Jim and Pamela’s relationship is fully acknowledged by the other three members of The Doors, Jim Morrison’s family, close friends of Jim Morrison – unlike Kennealy’s claims about Morrison –


The Doors on “The Witch”, Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Harassment of Jim Morrison’s Sister

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‘Ray Manzarek on Kennealy’s ‘Mad’ Love For Jim Morrison


and by former friends of Patricia Kennealy herself, Kennealy had to at least own up to Courson’s status as Jim Morrison’s longest and most serious relationship:


“But if it is really true that people see relationships as wholes, not parts, why then do they see ONLY the good in Pam and Jim, and ONLY what they consider the bad in Jim and Patricia??? Why don’t we each come in for our rightful share of the opposing quality?”

“I want BOTH relationships to be seen in their entirety.”

“But I do think, in a very real sense, he was married to us both [she and Pamela Courson], and the one does not diminish or negate the other. It was a case of BOTH and, not either or.”

– Patricia Kennealy 


Kennealy will have to explain why her mood always seems to shift, often within the same rant, to wanting to be seen on “equal” terms with Pamela Courson even though, according to Kennealy, Courson was nothing more than heroin ingesting whore who Jim Morrison saw as inferior to Kennealy.


Patricia Kennealy also jumps at any and every chance to speak to the media about Jim Morrison.

Her last opportunity came when Jim Morrison posthumously pardoned for allegedly exposing himself during a concert in Miami.


New York Times: ‘He Loved Her Madly, Now She’s Mad About The Pardon’ 

Fox News: Jim Morrison Pardoned for Indecent Exposure Conviction


And Miss Kennealy let it be known that she was not happy about this pardon:


“If it were to be an overturning of the verdict and expungement [sic] of the charges, fine. I could live with that. I would even approve of that. I even think that Jim would be pleased with that, though, honestly, he probably wouldn’t care two pins. Exoneration and expungement [sic], yes. But not this exploitative hot mess.”

– Patricia Kennealy 


And one just has to love Miss Kennealy’s fake outrage.

It also appears that Miss Kennealy forgot to tell the press what her attitude was during Morrison’s Miami trial and how she treated Morrison during an incredibly painful, frightening and truly humiliating time in his troubled life:


“Initially too I assumed Patricia gone to Miami to offer Jim her love and moral support, and I’d also assumed he’d invited her. She soon made it clear he hadn’t invited her and that she’d gone down solely to confront him. Patricia had no sympathy for Jim’s plight whatsoever despite the fact that he was facing a possible prison term.”

– ‘Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over, Baby!’ by Janet M. Erwin 


You will also notice in the Times article that Miss Kennealy merely repeats to the press what the three surviving members of The Doors and what Jim Morrison’s family had to say.


Q. Do you remember Patricia Kennealy visiting Jim during the trial in Miami? If so was he happy to see her?

“No he wasn’t, but given the gravity of the trial atmosphere, even Jimbo subconsciously held “the lizard brain” in check and put up with her. Nobody could stand the b*tch, to tell the truth.”

– Tony Funches, Jim Morrison’s friend and body guard


Being included in Jerry Hopkin’s and Danny Sugerman’s biography about Jim Morrison, No One Here Gets Out Alive, was Patricia Kennealy’s first taste of fame and her first taste of validation where Jim Morrison is concerned.


However, those who actually knew and had a relationship with Jim Morrison, as well as many others who were quoted in the book, refer to this bestseller as Nothing Here But A Lot of Lies so it would appear that the people who actually have an informed opinion when it comes to Morrison are not as eager to talk about him to the press after seeing the final version of Hopkins’ and Sugerman’s book.


And this provides many opportunities for self-promotion for people like Patricia Kennealy.


“When No One Here Gets Out Alive was published in 1980 and I saw the real Patricia Kennealy in all her dubious glory, and in 1986’s Rock Wives she not only expanded her earlier tall tales. I haven’t read Strange Days, nor do I intend to, but I’ve had parts of it read to me, enough to know it’s simply a further and ever more spiteful rearranging of reality. Since its publication in 1992 Patricia has continued to demonstrate her truly vicious, vengeful and greedy nature.”

– Janet Erwin


“The Rock Wives interview and the contributions to past Morrison books won’t cease to exist because Patricia Kennealy wants them to.”

– SatireKnight


“Now everyone can see the awkward fact that reality is not lining up with Patricia Kennealy’s published accounts.”

– SatireKnight