Patricia Kennealy Declares Herself “Married” to Jim Morrison


“Patricia Kennealy has several pieces of paper – all witnessed, all dated, all signed by all participants, including a Presbyterian minister fully empowered by law to perform weddings in the State of New York, and Patricia Kennealy by her own words and actions considers herself married to him.”

– Patricia Kennealy 


Patricia Kennealy has also kept the identities of her alleged witnesses and her alleged Presbyterian minister a secret for decades. Patricia Kennealy has never at any time produced the “several pieces of paper” that she claims Jim Morrison signed to be authenticated.


Just a few months after Patricia Kennealy claims that Jim Morrison “married” her Jim Morrison left behind several witnessed, dated, signed and authenticated legal documents where Morrison only refers to his brother and sister and Pamela Courson as beneficiaries


Jim Morrison’s Last Will and Testament


and where Morrison declares himself to single several months after the alleged “handfasting” ceremony Kennealy claims took place



The Telegraph: Jim Morrison’s Death Benefits Card to be Auctioned





“…Patricia Kennealy by her own words and actions considers herself married to him…”


If Patricia Kennealy had a perfectly legal wedding ceremony with Jim Morrison, complete with a minister and witnesses, then why does she only “consider” herself to be married to Jim Morrison?

Why did she add that little disclaimer?


Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together, by Frank Lisciandro , an interview with Jim Morrison’s friend and body guard Babe Hill:



Frank Lisciandro: During Jim’s trial in Miami, you were there with him. Did Patricia Kennealy come and visit Jim during that period?

Babe Hill: “Yeah. I really didn’t know her that well to form any kind of impression.”

Frank Lisciandro: Did you have the impression he was in love with her?

Babe: “No.”

Frank Lisciandro: Did you ever hear about the witch’s marriage ceremony he was supposed to have gone through with her?

Babe: “No. But it could have happened. I mean, we’d wind up in some pretty strange places sometimes; drunk in the middle of the night in Hollywood.”


Lisciandro also interviewed former Door’s publicist, Leon Barnard:


Frank Lisciandro: Did you have the feeling that there was a strong relationship going on between Jim and Patricia Kennealy when you went to pick Jim up at her apartment? I mean; were they reluctant to part? Were they lovey-dovey?

Leon Barnard: “Oh, no. I mean when I got there…she lives in a very casual apartment in New York. No, it wasn’t all like that. I don’t think any claims were placed on either one of them, by either one; just like, ‘we’ve had three days of fun or just being together’. I didn’t feel there was any special connection between the two of them.”

Lisciandro: She did the interview with Jim. What was that interview like? Did Jim give her a good interview?

Barnard: “Well, it was just more of a conversation. It wasn’t a formally structured interview. It wasn’t a question and answer thing at all. That’s when we went out to dinner and it was more of an informal conversation.

I think Jim’s main interest was getting a review of his poetry books.”


And because Kennealy knows that Jim Morrison did not, in any sense, consider her to be his “wife”?


Jim Morrison Was Unaware That He Was “Married” to Patricia Kennealy


“Jim, who was very well aware indeed of the nature and implications of what he was signing–that say she and James Morrison DID get married, seventeen months after they met, a month after he asked her to be his wife.”
– Patricia Kennealy


“Patricia doesn’t know how seriously Jim took the alleged ceremony, ‘Probably not too seriously…”

– Patricia Kennealy, in Victoria Balfour’s 1986 book, Rock Wives, seven years before Kennealy released her…”memoir”


And, according to Kennealy’s former friend, and witness to Kennealy’s aggressive and creepy but unsuccessful pursuit of Jim Morrison, Janet Erwin, this alleged ceremony was not even important to Kennealy until after Oliver Stone’s The Doors was released and Kennealy had a …”memoir”…she was trying to sell:


“Patricia also told me about the ‘handfasting’, although I don’t remember her using that term. I do remember her using the word ‘soulmates’ but quickly adding, at my politely but skeptically raised eyebrow, that she’d meant it in the sense they were fellow artists. She talked about it as a kind of bonding ceremony that acknowledged her equal artistic stature.

Patricia made it plain that the ceremony was her idea, staged at least partly because of Jim Morrison’s curiosity about Wiccan ritual and practice. What she didn’t make plain was that she had also performed the ceremony herself, although that was certainly implied.

Patricia didn’t seem to give it much importance.”

Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!, by Janet M. Erwin


Kennealy has never offered a rebuttal, neither in writing nor through an attorney, to Erwin’s detailed and rather damning exposé about the disturbing incidents that Erwin described going on between Kennealy and Jim Morrison.


“Everyone knows Patricia Kennealy is the woman who stalked Jim Morrison, who claimed to be officially engaged to Jim, who claimed to marry him, and now claims to be his widow. The only woman that Jim ever took seriously was Pamela. They experienced every facet of a relationship that could be experienced together. She was his old lady. She is the only woman he ever allowed to say she was his wife.”

– music journalist and friend of Jim Morrison’s, Salli Stevenson



“Can you say ‘grounds for posthumous lawsuit’, boys and girls?”

 Patricia Kennealy


Can you say, “With what evidence?”, Miss Kennealy?


You are not referring to the only “piece of paper” that you have shared with the public, are you Miss Kennealy? Your “marriage document”?

The “marriage document” that was completely handwritten by YOU?



“So I believe this letter to be a forgery that Patricia Kennealy was using in some sort of ‘scam’ to get next to the Morrison estate. Andy never went for it but he did get a free dinner and a good laugh. I say have at it Witch for all you will inherit for your greed is…’The Wind’.”


Patricia Kennealy’s “Visit” With Jim Morrison’s Brother


The “marriage document” that you have sole control over? The “marriage document” with what is supposed to look like Jim Morrison’s signature even though this signature has never been analyzed or authenticated?


Do you mind if we say, “Please stop insulting our intelligence with this type of ‘proof’,” Miss Kennealy?


There were other “pieces of paper” that Kennealy posted at length about, the “stacks” of “love letters” Kennealy claimed to have received from Jim Morrison that would have proven Kennealy’s claims beyond a reasonable doubt.


However, Kennealy only gives false, completely self-serving, transparent excuses as to why she has never produced the letters that she once attempted to have published.



“How about `licitly married’–by mutual attesting and declaration in front of witnesses, and giving and receiving of rings? By the evidence of his own words and actions, Jim Morrison considered himself married to Patricia Kennealy.” 


You mean the rings that you publicly admitted to lying about in your…”memoir”?


How about that these alleged rings and that this alleged ring exchange between you and Morrison is, again, merely a claim that comes only from you and a claim that you, again, have never proven?


“I wondered what ring she was talking about, since an Art Deco onyx and diamond chip was the only ring I’d ever seen her wear. Now, of course, I realize she must have been talking about the claddagh ring from the handfasting, but I don’t remember ever seeing her wear it, and of course she hadn’t described the handfasting as anything particularly meaningful.”

– Janet Erwin

The ring that Janet Erwin describes is the same ring that Kennealy cropped out of the picture she used for her…”memoir”.



The most obvious question is; why didn’t Miss Kennealy take her alleged and nameless witnesses, her alleged and nameless minister, her alleged pieces of paper and her alleged rings before a judge to have her alleged “marriage” legally validated?


This would have proven her claims beyond any reasonable doubt and given her a stake in Jim Morrison’s estate and a stake in how her “husband’s” artistic legacy is preserved.


“I will never take this to court – not because I fear an adverse verdict but because I do not choose to sully my marriage with the taint of legalistic maneuvering for profit, or grub for money in my husband’s grave,


Kennealy made statements like this after snapping and copyrighting photos of Jim Morrison’s grave, taking a paid part in Oliver Stone’s film The Doors, after her…”memoir”…had been released and after her long-defunct “Lizard Queen Productions” website had been launched and after letting those closest to Jim Morrison know that she was trying to “establish” herself.


or fight unseemly in the mud and muck with those who do.” 

– Patricia Kennealy


Can you say, “That makes no sense”, Miss Kennealy?


How in the world would having a judge declaring your claims about your “relationship” with Jim Morrison and the “marriage” you claim took place validated in a court of law “sully” anything?



It would appear that Patricia Kennealy, a self-professed “great intellectual”, felt that writing an easily disproven …”memoir”… that made her a  laughingstock and that publicly making a fool out of herself with her libelous, cowardly, ugly, jealousy-fueled online rants directed at the late Pamela Courson and her grieving family made more sense than then simply providing the evidence that would prove she is being truthful.


“And the week before his death, he was writing this only wedded wife of his impassioned letters from Paris about his return to her in New York.” 

– Patricia Kennealy


Miss Kennealy? You do realize that the public was fully aware that you made all of these grandiose statements decades after Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson were both conveniently dead and unable to speak for themselves, don’t you?




And, if all of this is true, Miss Kennealy, then why did you opt to abort the baby you claimed to be carrying, the baby you claim was fathered by Jim Morrison?


 “Confessing to his wife Patricia (and actually calling her his wife, in both prose and poetry–a validation Pamela never got from him)…” 

 Patricia Kennealy 


You wouldn’t happen to have written proof that has been authenticated by a handwriting expert where Jim Morrison refers to you as his “wife” in “both prose and poetry” would you, Miss Kennealy? (Didn’t think so.)


And Pamela never received “validation” from Jim Morrison in either poetry or song as far as his feelings for her?


I’m sorry to burst your bubble Miss Kennealy but it is well-documented that the late Ms. Courson (Courson-Morrison) absolutely did publicly receive poetic and musical “validation” from Jim Morrison:


Love Street

Twentieth Century Fox 


Queen of The Highway


She Dances in a Ring of Fire’,

a poem Jim Morrison wrote for Pamela Courson


“For Pamela Susan”, dedication pages for Jim Morrison’s collection of poems The Lords And The New Creatures


“Pam said that she and Jim were married and I believe Pam, because Jim never said they weren’t.”

– Michael McClure, beat poet, playwright and a close friend of Jim Morrison


Pamela always looked very shy, she didn’t talk very often and she always wanted Jim’s protection. She looked quite afraid and was always near him. Just look at my photos – when this guy came up to Jim, she went straight behind him. But they also made the impression of a big love story, they really behaved like that. They looked really together and happy.”

– Gilles Yepremian, a friend of Jim and Pam’s while they were living in Paris


“And how much he misses sleeping with me, sending me lyrical and erotic love poems and declarations of his undying devotion, and spectacular costly gifts for the first anniversary of his proposing to me and our first wedding anniversary.” 

Patricia Kennealy


Again, Miss Kennealy, you have never proven that Jim Morrison so much as sent you a postcard from Paris , let alone “spectacular costly gifts” in celebration of your “anniversary”, or any authenticated copies of these “impassioned” love letters you like to tell people that Jim Morrison wrote to you.


“I knew that Patricia never once talked about a letter or phone call from Jim Morrison more recently than June 1970, even though she seemed to think it was an ongoing relationship.”

– Janet M. Erwin


“Patricia Kennealy’s claims about the writings have proven to be false. Kennealy met with Jim Morrison’s brother Andy and a handwriting expert and it was confirmed that the writings were forgeries. When Andy Morrison made it known that they were forgeries, somehow all of Kennealy’s claims disappeared and she never spoke of them again.”



“…and how he will be changing that 1968 will of his leaving everything to Pamela ‘as soon as I get back to you in N.Y.’.”

Patricia Kennealy


Jim Morrison was planning to return to New York? That’s strange. Those who actually knew him and who actually had a relationship with him tell a different story:


“Jim told me what a great place Paris was, and he said he was definitely coming back to LA. He didn’t know when. He said good things about the band… He sounded happier than when he left.”

– John Densmore


And Miss Kennealy’s intellect fails her yet again. Jim Morrison actually wrote his will in 1969, not 1968.


It was 1969 when Miss Kennealy was finally able to track Jim Morrison down after having Jim Morrison in her sights for a while and arrange a meeting under the guise of interviewing him to talk about his poetry .


Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison, Bronson Caves photoshoot (credit Edmund Teske), 1969


Kennealy always comes across as a would-be groupie or a lovelorn fan who claims she has “intimate, insider information” because she reads fan magazines and gleans her self-serving “facts” from second-hand gossip.


“He was writing me impassioned letters from Paris, that he went back to Pam ‘like a dog returning to its own vomit’. But I do think, in a very real sense, Jim Morrison was married to us both [she and Pamela Courson], and the one does not diminish or negate the other. It was a case of both/and, not either/or.” 

– Patricia Kennealy 


So, Jim Morrison was “impassioned” by Patricia Kennealy but just because Jim Morrison only thought of Pamela Courson as “dog vomit” Kennealy doesn’t want you to “diminish” or “negate” Courson’s importance in Morrison’s life because Kennealy feels that Morrison considered himself to be “married” to the both of them.



Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Valentines Day Gift For Jim Morrison

Patricia Kennealy’s Pregnancy Is Suddenly No One Else’s Business

Patricia Kennealy and Her “Destined” Meeting With Jim Morrison

The Doors on “The Witch”, Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Harassment of Jim Morrison’s Sister


It’s always amusing when Kennealy tries to sound like she is being truthful, reasonable, gracious and fair-minded when comes to the topic of Pamela Courson.


Wikipedia Allows Patricia Kennealy’s Discredited Claims About Jim Morrison to be Presented as Fact


Kennealy would deny Courson’s role in Jim Morrison’s life and Courson’s very existence if she thought she could get away with it.


“So, Kennealy just ADMITTED that she ‘revisionist-ically’ revamped Pamela Courson’s role in Jim Morrison’s life and is ‘savagely’ trashing anyone whose truth conflicts with her deeply delusional construct’.

– SatireKnight



“Patricia also obsesses about Pamela, and about how Jim Morrison continues to ‘cleave unto’ Pamela instead of ‘cleaving unto’ HER, especially since Patricia is sooo much more worthy of his love.”

– Janet Erwin


Pamela Courson’s Wikipedia Page Sounds Like it Was Written by Patricia Kennealy


Patricia Kennealy Gloats Over Pamela Courson’s Grief and Torment


Has Patricia Kennealy’s Obvious Obsession With Pamela Courson Given Her The Ability to “Channel” Deceased Rock Stars and Their Deceased Girlfriends Under The Name “Divine Jacqueline”?



“I am the ONLY woman who ever got Jim Morrison to stand before an altar of any sort for the purpose of going through a marriage ceremony of any sort!!” 

– Patricia Kennealy


No, Miss Kennealy, you are not the “only” woman who ever got Jim Morrison to take part in a Pagan-type “bonding ritual” (that is, if you were able to get him to take part in one at all).


Nico and Eva Gardonyi are two women who have gone on record as having “bonded” with Jim Morrison and there is at least one more woman who, in Frank Lisciandro’s book, Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together, who says she too did a “ritual” with him.


Video link: ‘Nico & Jim Morrison’

Video link: ‘Nico Discusses Jim Morrison’


“…the almost 30 years since No One Here Gets Out Alive, which said publicly in print, for the first time, and I quote, ‘Jim and Patricia were married’…”

– Patricia Kennealy, to, 2009


“We had a theory of the ‘True Rumor’, that life wasn’t as exciting and romantic as it should be, so you tell things that are false because it is better that images be created. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t true, so long as they are believed.”

–Jerry Hopkins, on No One Here Gets Out Alive


Nothing Here But Lots Of Lies is exactly what it is, it’s a lot of lies! I didn’t know that person pictured in that book.”

– Jim Morrison’s close friend and author of An Hour For Magic and Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together, Frank Lisciandro on No One Here Gets Out Alive


“The people who really helped the Doors’ career are treated in a very cavalier manner, and the only people who come off well in my opinion are the groupies and sycophants who were hanging around the band and close to Danny Sugerman.”

– Doors’ producer the late Paul Rothchild on No One Here Gets Out Alive 


“When No One Here Gets Out Alive was published in 1980 and I saw the real Patricia Kennealy in all her dubious glory. I haven’t read Strange Days, nor do I intend to, but I’ve had parts of it read to me, enough to know it’s simply a further and ever more  spiteful rearranging of reality. Since its publication in 1992 Patricia has continued to demonstrate her truly vicious, vengeful and greedy nature.”

Janet M. Erwin


No One Here Gets Out Alive, by Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins, page 295

In many ways their relationship was fairly typical for Jim. Except for Pamela, there was no one girl that he saw very often or for periods of more than a few days, and in the months since they’d met. Jim and Patricia had been in the same room probably no more than seven or eight times. Nor had there been many phone calls. A sheaf of oddly personal letters, gifts of jewelry and rare books and copies of his three privately printed books.

But nothing that signaled a passionate courtship.

Nor was the manner in which Jim behaved towards Patricia different from his style with others.”


“If Rolling Stone and the London Sunday Times and the New York Daily News and the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the London Daily Express and Playgirl and the Utne Reader and a bunch of other real (not-zine) publications, radio and TV shows can unqualifiedly [sic] describe me as Jim’s wife, then that’s gratifying progress.” 

– Patricia Kennealy


“I just don’t grub in the gutter for validation, or for anything else.”

Patricia Kennealy


It sure SOUNDS like your need for validation is a factor in all of this, Miss Kennealy.


“Patricia Kennealy contacted me at some point to tell me that she was going to establish herself as this, that, and the other thing. She came out of the woodwork and started saying, ‘I’m Jim’s wife,’ and all that stuff about the witch wedding, blah blah blah. I listened to her for a little while, but when I asked her some questions she got a bit hostile.”

– Frank Lisciandro


Given your track record of having problems with the truth and your tendency to spin a completely self-serving take on anything that pertains to you I’m afraid we’ll need some proof and some more clarification as far as reliable publications that you claim take your tales regarding Jim Morrison seriously.


And do you know who else Rolling Stone referred to as Jim’s wife? Pamela!!



So, I wouldn’t get TOO excited if I were you, Miss Kennealy.







– Patricia Kennealy




“Pamela showed me a marriage certificate when I was in Paris with her. Clearly no one else in Jim’s life was as close to him as Pamela was. Of course she was his wife, Pamela was Jim Morrison’s soul wife if nothing else.“ – Doors’ manager Bill Siddons


“At the age of 19 Pamela Courson came to Hollywood to find herself, instead she found Jim. They were like Romeo & Juliet. They fought like hell but they were meant to be together.” – John Densmore

“With her, he knew he could just be Jim. He could have smelly feet and be a human being and she accepted that.” – Doors’ producer Paul Rothchild on Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson

“It’s a tragedy that Pamela died. But Jim and Pamela are going to go down in the history books as great lovers and people are going to write plays about them. It’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’, it’s ‘Heloise and Abelard’. It’s Jim and Pam.” – Ray Manzarek

“They really fell in love at first sight. Jim had a little bag packed, by the side of the stage. He was waiting and hoping that she’d come back. And one night, she came back, and that was the beginning of the love story.” Penny Courson, Pamela’s mother

“He knew that Pam cared about Jimbo, the person.” – Tony Funches, Jim Morrison’s body guard and close friend

“You could tell that Pam was really the one that Jim wanted to be with. He would always come back to her no matter what happened. She was just as crazy as he was so it kind of worked out perfectly.” – Robby Krieger

“Lost Little Girl is one song of my trilogy to Jim and Pam. I love them both very much, and miss them very much. But they’re together in the ether. It’s part of my trilogy called Tragic Love.” – Ray Manzarek



“It was a long and stormy relationship. There was a certain part of Jim that he dedicated solely to Pam.”

– Frank Lisciandro, Jim Morrison’s close friend and author of An Hour For Magic and Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together