It Would Appear That Patricia Kennealy Was The Only Participant in Her “Marriage” to Jim Morrison



“Jim and I were married in a handfasting ceremony which is a Celtic religious ritual. Jim took it VERY seriously.”

– Patricia Kennealy to Doors Quarterly Magazine 




“Patricia doesn’t know how seriously Jim took the ceremony,

‘Probably not too seriously…’. “

– SatireKnight: Stuff Patricia Kennealy Wants Forgotten


“Patricia Kennealy reveals that she and Jim Morrison were wed, SORT OF, in a witch ceremony in 1970.” 

– ‘Rock Wives’: Happy Endings Amid The Dirt


“In the six months that I knew her Patricia never once talked about a letter or phone call from Jim more recently than June 1970, even though she seemed to think it was an ongoing relationship.” 

– Janet Erwin, Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over, Baby!






During the time Kennealy was in Los Angeles harassing Morrison after she stopped hearing from him, Jim Morrison was still living with Pamela Courson and developed a friendship with Florentine Pabst.


Jim Morrison and Florentine Pabst, 1970, Los Angeles. Pabst Celebrated Morrison’s 27th birthday with him at a poetry reading held at the Lucky U restaurant


The burnt Thanksgiving Day turkey scene was a story Oliver Stone heard from Florentine Pabst.



Pabst and Morrison spent time together during Morrison’s final months in Paris and it was Pabst who purchased the green regulation army jacket that Jim Morrison was photographed wearing during the recording sessions for L.A Woman (Morrison was also wearing this jacket on night that he died). 




And then there is Morrison’s adventure with actress Charlotte Stewart, probably best known as the school teacher ‘Miss Beedle’ from the television show Little House on The Prairie.


Charlotte Stewart, 1960


Stewart has spoken publicly about the road trip and affair she enjoyed with Jim Morrison shortly before Morrison left for Paris, more than a year after the alleged “handfasting” ceremony Kennealy claims to have had with Morrison.



Huffington Post: Charlotte Stewart Talks About Her “Buddies With Benefits” Relationship With Jim Morrison


Charlotte Stewart’s footage of her road trip with Jim Morrison: 


“Jim, who was very well aware indeed of the nature and implications of what he was signing–that say she and James Morrison DID get married, seventeen months after they met, a month after he asked her to be his wife.”

– Patricia Kennealy


I guess that explains why Jim Morrison filled out, signed and dated his “death benefits” card where he declared himself SINGLE about four months after Kennealy claims that Morrison “asked her to be his wife” and then “married” her.



The Telegraph: Jim Morrison’s Death Benefits Card to be Auctioned



And even though it was Morrison’s choice as who the beneficiary on this card should be, he named his younger brother Andy.

Not Kennealy. 


As far as Jim Morrison’s last will and testament, and any other similar type of legal documentation, only Pamela Courson and Morrison’s two siblings are ever mentioned.


“January 21, 1969, To whom it may concern, I bequeath all of my worldly possessions to my only companion in life, Pamela Susan Courson, in the event we have not yet been wed, Jim Morrison”



“Jim Morrison legally willed all of his possessions to Pamela Courson, including the rights to the songs.

Which is probably what pisses Patricia Kennealy off.

It’s not that they own the rights, but that her main love rival was the person who was Morrison’s sole beneficiary.

– SatireKnight


Probably pisses Kennealy off, SatireKnight? Make no mistake, Jim Morrison’s last will and testament is definitely what pisses Patricia Kennealy off; 


“I am informed by one of our own that Columbus B. ‘Corky’ Courson, father of the late Pamela Susan Courson, died a few days since at the age of 90.

I wouldn’t say I’m doing a little dance of joy and delight or anything, but considering how he pimped his whorish junkie murdering daughter


Patricia Kennealy Backtracks on The “Pam Murdered Jim” Rumor That She Started

“It was alcohol that got him in the end.” – Patricia Kennealy, 1991 

“I mean, maybe it wasn’t deliberate or intentional more like, ‘Take this Jim’s, it’s cocaine and it wasn’t, it was her smack.”

– Patricia Kennealy, 2017 


as an innocent victim of Jim’s excesses (yeah, right) and trawled Jim’s legacy for bucks to which he had no moral right, well, yeah, I guess I am. Perhaps the unspeakable Corky can join his very ‘friendly’ spawn where she now is.

Far, far away from Jim, you betcha. Maybe they’ll even learn something between their lives.”

– Patrica Kennealy 


Yes, SatireKnight, Kennealy’s ugly, false, libelous and hateful public rants would appear to be less about “love” and the sanctity of her…”marriage”…and more about money, jealousy and Kennealy’s unrelenting rage at not receiving the public validation that Pamela Courson has received.


Miss Kennealy? Jim and Pam met each other and remained together until Jim Morrison’s death. 

That is not an example of a father “whoring out” his daughter. That is an example of a relationship (a dysfunctional relationship, but a relationship nonetheless).



And after Jim and Pamela both passed away the Courson family and the Morrison family worked things out.


Legally and fair and square. 



Patricia Kennealy Gloats Over Pamela Courson’s Sad Final Years


Patricia Kennealy Suddenly Has Nothing to Say About the “Stacks of Love Letters” She Claimed to Have Received From Jim Morrison After a “Visit” With Jim’s  Brother Andy


The Doors on “The Witch”, Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Harassment of Jim Morrison’s Sister



“And when we’re talking about the truth, here’s one, Ms. Kennealy: you have not given anyone one damned reason to believe your Strange Days version of reality, especially since you contradicted yourself after your accounts of your affair in books, TV interviews and in the Rock Wives interview.

You don’t DESERVE people’s belief that you’re truthful and right. You EARN it.

Especially since you contradict yourself all the f*cking time.”


– SatireKnight: Patricia Kennealy, FAQ 9



“I barely saw Jim hanging out with Patricia Kennealy and if he ever married her in some sort of Wiccan blood ritual, he never spoke a word about it to anyone I ever knew. Jim and Lynn once went to some sort of Ouija board seance thing with Alice Cooper, but they left early because Jim thought it was stupid. For a guy who always mocked astrology and spirituality and transcendental meditation, I can’t imagine him taking a Wiccan wedding even remotely seriously.”


– Robby Krieger