Wikipedia Presents Patricia Kennealy’s Disredited Claims as Fact and It Certainly Appears That Kennealy Herself Has Been Given Sole Control Over Her Own Page as Well as Jim Morrison’s and Pamela Courson’s Pages

There is no proof or any neutral, third-party sources or individuals to back up any of the claims made about Jim Morrison on Patricia Kennealy’s Wikipedia page, or to back up any of the claims made about Kennealy on  Jim Morrison’s Wikipedia page.


The only truly independent, neutral, third-party sources that could be named have publicly denounced Kennealy as a deluded liar and yet Wikipedia allows Kennealy’s claims to be presented as fact.


From Kennealy’s Wikipedia page: “Before witnesses, the couple signed a document declaring themselves wed.”


Patricia Kennealy Declares Herself “Married” to Jim Morrison 

Jim Morrison Was Unaware That He Was “Married” to Patricia Kennealy 


A statement that is only backed up by Wikipedia’s reference to Kennealy’s…”memoir”.



Since Patricia Kennealy had sole control over the content included in her…”memoir”…I am not sure why Wikipedia allows this publication to be included as a objective or neutral source, or as a source that would be considered as being based in fact.


Patricia Kennealy and Jim Morrison never viewed as a “couple” by anyone who knew either them personally.


The three surviving members of The Doors and their take on Patricia Kennealy’s claims:


“Patricia Kennealy’s ‘relationship’ with Jim Morrison is summed up in twelve seconds in the Doors-approved documentary When You’re Strange :

‘Pam Courson returns to L.A. from a vacation in Paris. She discovers Jim sleeping with a woman who claims they were married in a Pagan witch ceremony. But the witch flies back to New York and Jim goes back to Pam. 

Pam still envisions a life for the two of them, which starts with Jim leaving The Doors’.  

They don’t even mention Kennealy by name.”

The Doors on “The Witch”, Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Harassment of Jim Morrison’s Sister


Mutual friends of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson as well as former friends of Kennealy herself have also independently, publicly and strongly refuted Kennealy’s claims:


“When No One Here Gets Out Alive was published in 1980 and I saw the real Patricia Kennealy in all her dubious glory, and in 1986’s Rock Wives she not only expanded her earlier tall tales. I haven’t read Strange Days intend to, but I’ve had parts of it read to me, enough to know it’s simply a further and ever more spiteful rearranging of reality. Since its publication in 1992 Patricia has continued to demonstrate her truly vicious, vengeful and greedy nature.”


– Janet M. Erwin, a former friend of Kennealy’s and author of ‘Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!’ 


“Patricia Kennealy came out of the woodwork some years back and started saying, ‘I’m Jim’s wife’, and all that stuff about the witch wedding, blah blah blah. So I listened to her for a little while, but when I asked her some questions she got a bit hostile.”

– Frank Lisciandro, close friend of Jim Morrison’s and author of An Hour For Magic and Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together


“Everyone knows Patricia Kennealy is the woman who stalked Jim, who claimed to be officially engaged to Jim, who claimed to marry him, and now claims to be his widow.

The only woman that Jim ever took seriously was Pamela. They experienced every facet of a relationship that could be experienced together: parental, friends, brotherly, lovers, partners. She was his old lady. She is the only woman he ever allowed to say she was his wife.

The Jim I knew was for many reasons completely bonded to Pamela. I knew that nothing could come between them. I felt that they both deserved Purple Hearts for weathering the challenges of their journey together. I’ve said so many times, when asked.”

– music journalist and friend of Jim Morrison’s, Salli Stevenson


Wikipedia has not only given an editor who goes by the user name of “CorbieVreccan”, or “CorbieV”, sole control over Patricia Kennealy’s page but also sole control over Jim Morrison’s and Pamela Courson’s pages as well.

At least where Jim Morrison and his love life are concerned.


The tone in the “Relationships” section of Morrison’s page has a strangely angry, sneering and insulting tone to it, as if CorbieV has some sort of personal stake or a very personal interest in Jim Morrison and the relationships women have claimed to have had with him and the only effort put into Pamela Courson’s page was to rehash rumors about Courson and her lifestyle and to cast Courson in the worst light possible.


Did Wikipedia Allow Patricia Kennealy to Write Pamela Courson’s Page? 


On both Jim Morrison’s Wikipedia Talk page and Patricia Kennealy’s Wikipedia Talk page  “CorbieV” has left oddly detailed comments about Kennealy’s former publisher, HarperCollins, HarperCollins’ “vetting” process, which company has since acquired HarperCollins and detailed knowledge of  publishing contracts Kennealy had with the company.

What fan of Kennealy’s would have this kind of information at their disposal?




And despite publicly referring to herself as a “feminist” and a “trailblazing feminist” and repeatedly pointing out that having a job made her superior to Pamela Courson and more worthy of Jim Morrison’s love than Pamela Courson, Kennealy’s page only touches upon Kennealy’s brief career in helping to edit a little known pop music magazine and her work as a fictional fantasy author but becomes very detailed, and very personal, when it comes Kennealy’s discredited claims about the “relationship” Kennealy alleges to have had with Morrison.


All of this points to the definite and very strong possibility that “CorbieV” is not just a Wikipedia volunteer who very coincidentally just happens to have a deeply personal interest in Morrison,  Kennealy and  Courson – but that “CorbieV” is Patricia Kennealy herself.


“As an editor for Jazz & Pop she first interviewed Jim Morrison of the rock band the Doors in January 1969.” 


I guess Wikipedia decided to leave out Patricia Kennealy’s 2013 confession that the was not a chance meeting and that Kennealy had Jim Morrison in her sights for quite some time.

That’s understandable, though. The fact that Jim Morrison was unaware that Kennealy had been laying siege to him sounds a lot less romantic than their eyes meeting during an interview.

“Well, it was just more of a conversation. It wasn’t a formally structured interview. It wasn’t a question and answer thing at all. That’s when we went out to dinner and it was more of an informal conversation.

I think Jim’s main interest was getting a review of his poetry books.

– Leon Barnard, The Doors’ publicist


“The relationship continued to be long-distance, which she says suited them both just fine.”

Patricia Kennealy speaking on behalf of the deceased Jim Morrison. Again.

Jim Morrison finally gets it through to Patricia Kennealy that they are not in a “relationship” and in Kennealy’s usual convenient and completely self-serving style states that a “long distance relationship” suited them “both just fine”.

A mutually suitable “long distance” relationship?

“Long distance” in the sense that Kennealy stopped hearing from Jim Morrison as of June 1970?   “Long distance” in the sense that Kennealy’s attempts to have legitimate relationship with Morrison  failed and never heard from Morrison again as of February 1971?

“Long distance” in the sense that Jim Morrison left the country in order to live with Pamela Courson in Paris?

Yeah, I’d say that was a very long distance relationship.


“As temperamental artists with their own careers…”

Patricia Kennealy’s respective “careers” as an editor for Jazz & Pop Magazine barely lasted three years and her even more fleeting foray into doing public relations for rock music artists ended after two marketing campaigns.


(As a writer of fictional, fantasy-based romance books, Kennealy also lost her publishing contract not long after her…”memoir”…was published and not long after Kennealy’s “visit” with Jim Morrison’s brother Andy.)


“…living together for more than short periods of time may have been too much for either to handle.” 


Kennealy and Morrison “living together”, for even a short period of time, is according only to Patricia Kennealy.

And one can easily see where Jim Morrison trying to actually live with the apparently very “temperamental” Patricia Kennealy would definitely be too much for him to handle.


“Patricia announced her arrival in Los Angeles by storming into The Doors’ office and nailing a letter to Jim’s desk with a dagger. She was very proud of herself.” 

“My suspicions about the abortion are correct. She wasn’t sure Jim was the father, and that’s why she aborted. What I didn’t know, didn’t even suspect, was the reason for her coming to Los Angeles twice, throwing herself at him over and over despite his obvious indifference, even hostility. She’s trying to get him into bed again, in hopes of conceiving again, ‘this time 100% proof positive his’. She even has the birth announcements written out: ‘Miss Patricia Kennely announces with joy the birth of a daughter MORRISON CHESNEY KENNELY….’ Patricia had fetched Pam to take the call, and when Pam was finished, Patricia sat her down and told her about the baby and the abortion. Patricia also told me of an 11-page letter she’d written to Jim describing the abortion in graphic detail. ”

“I hear Patricia’s voice raised in vituperation a few minutes later, go out to find that Jim has gathered up my kitchen knives and scissors and is stashing them under one of the sofa cushions where she can’t get at them without disturbing him. I think this is a bit much, as is her frothing about how she can’t cut off balls he doesn’t have.” 

“Patricia is at it again. She left Jim a valentine today, a big black and white picture of her with Tandy Martin, Jim’s high school girlfriend. Stuck it under the windshield wiper on his car. She says she’s going to keep doing things like that ‘to make him crazy’.” 

“Patricia is now preparing a voodoo doll, some cheesy-looking black candle in the shape of a woman. She’s going to stick it full of pins with the proper mumbo-jumbo and then leave it in Pamela’s car.”

 Janet Erwin


“She preferred a nontraditional arrangement…”


Yes, Wikipedia, any “marriage” that involves the “husband” living in another country with his long-term girlfriend, a “husband” who has no contact with his “wife” and a “husband” who formally and legally documented that he is single would be considered the ultimate example of a “nontraditional arrangement”.


Patricia Kennealy preferred a “nontraditional arrangement”, Wikipedia? But, wait. Kennealy – after Jim Morrison was conveniently no longer around to contradict her – told anyone who would listen that Jim Morrison was planning to “legally marry” her and that he was going to return to New York so that they could live together as “husband and wife”.

That actually sounds very traditional.

Patricia Kennealy cannot keep her own version of reality straight and Wikipedia doesn’t seem to mind one bit.


“She preferred a nontraditional arrangement to ‘domesticity’ and had no desire to “wash [Jim’s] socks”.[8]”

You know, the way that terrible Pamela would do “domestic” types of things for Jim Morrison?


“But then Morrison would change his tune yet again and profess his love and desire for domesticity…”


Oh. Jim Morrison wanted a “domestic” arrangement but apparently Patricia Kennealy told him no because that didn’t “suit” her.




 “If you timeline Patricia Kennealy’s Strange Days and compare Jim’s schedule you will find that Kennealy spent less than a week and a half with Jim Morrison – days, not even a month. Let alone a year.”

–  Salli Stevenson


“By the time Morrison was on trial in Miami,[10] potentially facing a long sentence of hard labor, his at times erratic and even cruel behaviour led her to speculate that maybe he hadn’t taken the wedding as seriously as he’d led her to believe.[4][11][12]”  ” 


“Initially too I assumed Patricia gone to Miami to offer Jim her love and moral support, and I’d also assumed he’d invited her. She soon made it clear he hadn’t invited her and that she’d gone down solely to confront him. Patricia had no sympathy for Jim’s plight whatsoever despite the fact that he was facing a possible prison term.”

– Janet Erwin


Interview with Babe Hill, Jim Morrison’s friend and body guard:


“During Jim’s trial in Miami, you were there with him. Did Patricia Kennealy come and visit Jim during that period?

Babe Hill: Yeah. I really didn’t know her that well to form any kind of impression. I knew from sources that she said that she was having a baby. I didn’t talk to Jim about it, or we didn’t talk about it; whether it was true or not. I think the information I was getting was from someone else. 

Did you have the impression he was in love with her?

Babe: No.

He never talked about her to you?

Babe:  As I recall, he didn’t believe that she was pregnant.

Did you ever hear about the witch’s marriage ceremony he was supposed to have gone through with her?

Babe: No. But it could have happened. I mean, we’d wind up in some pretty strange places sometimes; drunk in the middle of the night in Hollywood.”

Excerpt from Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together, by Jim’s friend Frank Lisciandro.


Hill is yet another person who had a close relationship with Jim Morrison who has publicly confirmed that they knew nothing about Morrison’s “Pagan wedding” and that Morrison did not consider Kennealy to be his girlfriend let alone his “wife”.


Friends of both Jim Morrison and Patricia Kennealy have gone on record to say that Morrison did not take this alleged “marriage” as seriously as Kennealy claims to have taken it after both Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, were both conveniently dead:


“Just as he’d done in Miami, Jim made it plain to Patricia once again that they were through. He was gentle, but the message was unmistakable. (For instance, he’d suggested that they should start a “great literary correspondence,” which pretty clearly meant ‘you stay on your coast, baby, and I’ll stay on mine.’)”

 Janet Erwin


Q. Do you remember Patricia Kennealy visiting Jim during the trial in Miami? If so was he happy to see her?

“No he wasn’t, but given the gravity of the trial atmosphere, even Jimbo subconsciously held “the lizard brain” in check and put up with her. Nobody could stand the b*tch, to tell the truth.”

– Tony Funches, Jim Morrison’s friend and body guard


Kennealy herself also confirmed that Morrison did consider himself to be “married” to her in Victoria Balfour’s 1986 book Rock Wives:


“Patricia doesn’t know how seriously Jim took the [alleged] ceremony, ‘Probably not too seriously…” 


“I have to wonder if Patricia Kennealy is slagging off other writers who have produced books on Morrison over the years, since she claims they are all lying about her and hiding her true status out of misogynistic evil Pamela-worship. You know… those books Kennealy was interviewed for?

And the books by the surviving members of The Doors, who presumably saw Morrison a lot more than she did and knew more about his overall life? Ignore them! They’re all liars! Only believe Kennealy!

And ignore those previous interviews Kennealy gave before Strange Days! That was Oliver Stone’s evil Patricia-lookalike robot, sent to spread lies! LIES!”

SatireKnight, Patricia Kennealy, FAQ 9 


“Jim Morrison’s sudden death at 27 would mean a lack of closure not only for Kennealy, but for the many people in his life.[5][15]” 


So, “CorbieV”, a random, neutral and objective Wikipedia editor knows what Patricia Kennealy’s current emotional state is in regards to Jim Morrison? This is a fact-based statement that met the standards of this online “encyclopedia”?


Wikipedia also only cites biographies written about Jim Morrison that are favorable to Kennealy and her claims while ignoring biographies such as Stephen Davis’ Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend :


page 367


“Patricia Kennely later changed the spelling of her name to ‘Kennealy’, and retold and elongated her story in her 1993 memoir Strange Days, which described in uncanny detail an alternative Jim Morrison that no one else who knew him was able to recognize. Her tone throughout the book is angry, venomous, secretive, and defensive. But she hedged about some of her bizarre claims by writing that she might have hallucinated the whole thing. She also wrote that she was high on marijuana, cocaine, and tranquilizers during the period in question.

Former Elektra employees who knew and worked with both Jim and Kennealy can only vouch for her being at certain places at certain times, and for her claiming she was pregnant by him. Over the years, Patricia Kennealy cleverly inserted herself into Jim Morrison’s saga via the media, first in No One Here Gets Out Alive, and then in Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie The Doors.”


Since the public is much more likely to be interested in reading Jim Morrison’s page rather than Patricia Kennealy’s, “CorbieV” seems to have seized upon the opportunity to try to use the bestselling book No One Here Gets Out Alive by Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins in an attempt to validate Kennealy’s claims.

However, Wikipedia very conveniently ONLY makes reference to the TITLE of this well-known book.


No One Here Gets Out Alive, by Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins, page 295:

“In many ways their relationship was fairly typical for Jim. Except for Pamela, there was no one girl that he saw very often or for periods of more than a few days, and in the months since they’d met. Jim and Patricia had been in the same room probably no more than seven or eight times. Nor had there been many phone calls. A sheaf of oddly personal letters, gifts of jewelry and rare books and copies of his three privately printed books, but nothing that signaled a passionate courtship.

Nor was the manner in which Jim behaved towards Patricia different from his style with others.” 


“The people who really helped the Doors’ career are treated in a very cavalier manner, and the only people who come off well in my opinion are the groupies and sycophants who were hanging around the band and close to Danny Sugerman.”

– Doors’ producer the late Paul Rothchild on No One Here Gets Out Alive


“We had a theory of the True Rumor, that life wasn’t as exciting and romantic as it should be, so you tell things that are false because it is better that images be created.

It doesn’t matter that they aren’t true, so long as they are believed.”

– Jerry Hopkins, on No One Here Gets Out Alive


It is actually ironic that CorbieV cited No One Here Gets Out Alive as a “source” despite the fact that Patricia Kennealy later went to publicly and angrily refer to Danny Sugerman as, among other things, as The Door’s “gopher boy”  after Sugerman publicly referred to Pamela Courson as Jim Morrison’s wife (video link).


Kennealy has also publicly called No One Here Gets Out Alive co-author Jerry Hopkins a “turncoat” because Hopkins wrote the introduction to Patricia Butler’s Angels Dance & Angels Die, where Hopkins acknowledges Pamela Courson’s importance in Jim Morrison’s life.


“Patricia Kennealy would get hostile with everyone, and it reached a point where if she thought you were aligned with someone who was on the wrong side of HER fence, then you were all condemned.”

– Frank Lisciandro


Mick Wall’s Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre is also cited as a “source”. And, as expected, Wall’s “biography” about Jim Morrison is very favorable to Patricia Kennealy and her claims about Morrison.


“What’s a bit more puzzling is how nice a picture Wall paints of Patricia Kennealy, who by all accounts was despised by everyone in the Doors camp, from Ray (in his own book, even), John, and Robby as well as everyone else who came into contact with her. Wall seems to give Kennealy an unusual amount of credence.

My biggest criticisms are with his giving disproportionate and perhaps undeserved weight to the claims made by the aforementioned Kennealy.”

– The Rock and Roll Chemist’s Review of Wall’s Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre


Wall is former radio and television presenter and a self-professed “world’s leading rock and metal writer” that not many people have heard of and who was threatened with legal action by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and who was called out by Axl Rose in the song Get in The Ring:


“You be rippin’ off the f*ckin’ kids, while they be payin’ their hard earned money to read about the bands they want to know about, printin’ lies, startin’ controversy”


Wall’s Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre, is not too different than the majority of Jim Morrison “biographies” on the market; stories written about in previously published Morrison biographies are included along with a healthy dose of second-hand, unsubstantiated, malicious, gossip thrown in.

This doesn’t sound like a book you would think that a self-professed “encyclopedia” like Wikipedia would see as a fact-based or neutral “source”.


Given his friendly attitude toward Patricia Kennealy it’s kind of ironic that Mick Wall wound up debunking Kennealy’s favorite, often repeated, libelous, unfounded claim about the true target of Kennealy’s obsession, Pamela Courson, by exploring the more accepted theory of Jim Morrison’s actual cause of death; an accidental heroin overdose in a Paris nightclub.


Patricia Kennealy Backtracks on The “Pam Murdered Jim” Rumor That She Started


CorbieV apparently also decided to edit the story of a woman named Mary Werbelow.


Jim Morrison met Werbelow when he was 19, Werbelow was Morrison’s first true love, the only woman Morrison ever proposed to (twice) and the woman who inspired the songs Morrison to wrote for The Doors’ first three albums.



“We connected on a level where speaking was almost unnecessary. We’d look at each other and know what we were thinking.” – Mary Werbelow

“By phone from his home in Northern California, Manzarek says all the guys in film school were in love with Mary. She was gorgeous, and sweet on top of that. ‘She was Jim’s first love. She held a deep place in his soul’. “

“That’s a real key to understanding Jim,” Gates says. “She was the love of his life in those days. They were virtually soul mates for three or four years.”

Link: Jim and Mary: To The End 



Wikipedia gave Mary Werbelow  a mere few lines on Jim Morrison’s page.

While giving Patricia Kennealy a rather lengthy paragraph.


Kathy Lisciandro: “I know that there were a lot of women that would be there for a weekend or even a day and then be gone.”

Frank Lisciandro: “And those seem to be the ones who write books, unfortunately.”

Interview excerpt from Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together (page 275-276), by Frank Lisciandro


On Pamela Courson’s page it is also interesting that CorbieV felt the need to emphasize that Courson never “legally” took on Jim Morrison’s last name.

You know, the way that Patricia Kennealy did?


Patricia Kennealy Declares Herself “Married” to Jim Morrison


Perhaps reacting to Pamela Courson being named Jim Morrison’s common-law wife and being buried as Pamela Courson-Morrison after her death? And many years after Jim Morrison was conveniently dead and unable to respond to Kennealy taking it upon herself to use his last name?


“Pam was the only constant and enduring relationship, definitely, but it was a long and stormy one. There was a certain part of Jim that he dedicated solely to her.”

– Frank Lisciandro


“Pam said that she and Jim were married, and I believe Pam because Jim never said they weren’t.”

– Michael McClure, beat poet, playwright and close friend of Jim Morrison


Since Kennealy has never proven any of her claims about Jim Morrison it would seem only reasonable that Kennealy’s page would read; “according to Patricia Kennealy…” or “in her memoir Kennealy claimed…”.

Unfortunately for trusting readers CorbieV found even that slight edit unacceptable, so the edit was not allowed to be made but does allow for the statement about Kennealy and Morrison being a “couple” who were “wed” before “witnesses” despite offering absolutely no proof or an objective source to verify this claim.


“As it turned out; Jim Morrison was very much a one-woman man.”

– Pamela Des Barres, famous rock groupie and author of I’m With The Band on Jim Morrison’s relationship with Pamela Courson


This quote was included on Jim Morrison’s Wikipedia page. Until it was removed by “CorbieV”.


“Wikipedia makes no guarantee of validity. Wikipedia cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here.” 


Wikipedia: General Disclaimer


Patricia Kennealy’s Questionable “Memoir”


Patricia Kennealy Admits to Lying About Her “Wedding Ring”


Patricia Kennealy’s “Visit” With Jim Morrison’s Brother


Patricia Kennealy Was Only Too Happy to Publicly Discuss Her Alleged Pregnancy When She Had a “Memoir” to Sell But Now Turns Quite Vicious When Questioned About It


Patricia Kennealy and Her “Destined” Meeting With Jim Morrison