Did Wikipedia Allow Patricia Kennealy to Write Pamela Courson’s Page?


Wikipedia is notorious for allowing its editors and its Administrators to control the narrative of various pages even when these editors and Administrators have an obvious personal agenda they’d like to promote.


And this appears to also be the case when it comes to Pamela Courson’s Wikipedia page.


Pamela Courson’s page is meticulously observed by a Wikipedia editor who goes by the username “CorbieV”.


Reading Jim Morrison’s, Pamela Courson’s and Patricia Kennealy’s Wikipedia pages it is clear that “CorbieV” keeps close watch on these three pages and given the information that is included on these pages versus the information that is conveniently left out, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that “CorbieV”  is actually none other than Patricia Kennealy.


Is the Wikipedia Editor “CorbieV”, Who Just Happens to Control Jim Morrison’s, Pamela Courson’s and Patricia Kennealy’s Pages, Actually Patricia Kennealy Herself?



“CorbieV” starts Courson’s page off by referring to Courson as “a long-term companion of Jim Morrison”.


A long-term companion, as if Courson was merely one of many.


It is well documented that Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson were dealing with a bad combination of both parties having serious substance abuse problems and being young and immature during the 1960s “free love” era and that Courson would have sex with other men, often as a means of revenge in response to Morrison’s constant cheating.


However, Morrison and Courson’s relationship, as terribly dysfunctional as it was on a lot of levels, continued for five years, the longest Jim Morrison had ever been with any other woman, and Pamela Courson was the only woman that Jim Morrison ever lived with.



Pam was the only constant and enduring relationship, definitely, but it was a long and stormy one. There was a certain part of Jim that he dedicated solely to her.”

– Frank Lisciandro, a close friend of Jim Morrison’s and the author of An Hour For Magic and Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together



Fans of The Doors and of Jim Morrison have varying opinions about the late Pamela Courson but the fact remains, Wikipedia, despite the nature of their relationship, that Pamela Courson was Jim Morrison’s only long-term companion.


“CorbieV” also felt it was important to note that:


“Pamela Courson’s cremated remains were interred in the mausoleum at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California. The plaque reads ‘Pamela Susan Morrison’ 1946–1974′, even though ‘Morrison’  was never part of Courson’s legal name.”


In the case of Patricia Kennealy’s page, however, “Corbie” does use Kennealy’s “legal” name but failed to point out that Kennealy only hyphenated her maiden name years after both Morrison and Courson had died and utilized the state of New York’s lenient legal name change requirements, even in the event that the person in question had never been married.

Or that Kennealy being “married” to Jim Morrison remains according only to Kennealy


Patricia Kennealy, Minus The Morrison

“Everyone knows Patricia Kennealy is the woman who stalked Jim Morrison, claimed to marry him and now claims to be his widow.”


And in case readers missed the part about Pamela Courson not having “legally” taken on the name Morrison, “Corbie” also points out that Courson died being listed as an “unmarried person”, despite Jim Morrison being named as Pamela Courson’s husband on Courson’s autopsy report.


Given the level of attention that “Corbie” gives to Pamela Courson’s name it would appear that Pamela Courson being christened Pamela Morrison in death seems to strike a very, very sensitive nerve with this anonymous, random and completely neutral Wikipedia editor.




“January 21, 1969, To whom it may concern, I bequeath all of my worldly possessions to my only companion in life, Pamela Susan Courson, in the event we have not YET been wed, Jim Morrison”


– the first draft of Jim Morrison’s 1969 will, handwritten by Morrison himself


“Corbie” also made it a point to address, in detail, the legal issues surrounding Jim Morrison’s estate after Pamela Courson’s passing in connection with Pamela Courson’s fight for her legal and rightful inheritance of the estate Jim Morrison left her.


Jim Morrison’s Last Will & Testament


“Several months after Courson’s death, her parents inherited her fortune. Jim Morrison’s parents later contested the Coursons’ executorship of the estate, leading to additional legal battles. In 1979 both parties agreed to divide the earnings from Morrison’s estate equally.[10]”


It is interesting that “Corbie” felt the need to make a statement about this matter because Patricia Kennealy also felt the need to express her opinion on the matter.


Although Kennealy showed less restraint than “Corbie”:


And though he just posted a nice followup piece, he blows it to hell by mentioning the junkie hooker [reference to Pamela Courson] and their ‘common-law marriage’. Unlike the Courson and Morrisons (who sued each other after the junkie’s death intestate from a heroin OD), I don’t grub in my husband’s grave for money.” 

– Patricia Kennealy



“I am informed by one of our own that Columbus B. ‘Corky’ Courson, father of the late Pamela Susan Courson, died a few days since at the age of 90.

I wouldn’t say I’m doing a little dance of joy and delight or anything, but considering how he pimped his whorish junkie murdering daughter, as an innocent victim of Jim’s excesses (yeah, right) and trawled Jim’s legacy for bucks to which he had no moral right, well, yeah, I guess I am. Perhaps the unspeakable Corky can join his very ‘friendly’ spawn where she now is.

Far, far away from Jim, you betcha. Maybe they’ll even learn something between their lives.”

– Patricia Kennealy


And while “Corbie” and Wikipedia decided to highlight the “loud arguments” that  Morrison and Courson had, “Corbie” conveniently overlooks Patricia Kennealy’s noteworthy moments that took place during Kennealy’s aggressive pursuit of Morrison:


“Patricia announced her arrival in Los Angeles by storming into The Doors’ office and nailing a letter to Jim’s desk with a dagger. She was very proud of herself.” 

“My suspicions about the abortion are correct. She wasn’t sure Jim was the father, and that’s why she aborted. What I didn’t know, didn’t even suspect, was the reason for her coming to Los Angeles twice, throwing herself at him over and over despite his obvious indifference, even hostility. She’s trying to get him into bed again, in hopes of conceiving again, ‘this time 100% proof positive his’. She even has the birth announcements written out: ‘Miss Patricia Kennely announces with joy the birth of a daughter MORRISON CHESNEY KENNELY….’ 

“Patricia had fetched Pam to take the call, and when Pam was finished, Patricia sat her down and told her about the baby and the abortion. Patricia also told me of an 11-page letter she’d written to Jim describing the abortion in graphic detail. ”

“I hear Patricia’s voice raised in vituperation a few minutes later, go out to find that Jim has gathered up my kitchen knives and scissors and is stashing them under one of the sofa cushions where she can’t get at them without disturbing him. I think this is a bit much, as is her frothing about how she can’t cut off balls he doesn’t have.” 

“Patricia is at it again. She left Jim a valentine today, a big black and white picture of her with Tandy Martin, Jim’s high school girlfriend. Stuck it under the windshield wiper on his car. She says she’s going to keep doing things like that ‘to make him crazy’.” 

“Patricia is now preparing a voodoo doll, some cheesy-looking black candle in the shape of a woman. She’s going to stick it full of pins with the proper mumbo-jumbo and then leave it in Pamela’s car.”

Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!, by Kennealy’s former friend Janet Erwin



“Corbie” mentioned Morrison’s and Courson’s “infidelities”:


“Pamela herself being the female Hollywood WHORE in Jim’s life, of course.” 

– Patricia Kennealy


while politely describing Patricia Kennealy as a ” temperamental artist “


“Kennealy wrote a book where she viciously murdered the other members of The Doors by filling their guts with bees, de-boning them alive, or flaying them and having their skins turned into a saddle… for pretty much ignoring her. That’s not a sign that someone doesn’t have issues.”

– SatireKnight on Patricia Kennealy’s 1997 novel Blackmantle



“Corbie” and Wikipedia also opted to leave out information like this regarding Pamela Courson, despite having easy access to it:


“In her early years Pam was a shy girl who did well in school but had few friends. Like Jim, she loved art. ‘Laguna Beach has a big art festival’, her mother said, ‘and for several years in a row, in her teens, Pam’s work was featured there, and she did quite well’.” 


“At sixteen Pamela began acting, ‘A theater in the round opened in Anaheim’, say Penny Courson, Pamela’s mother, and she was in several productions, including Little Women‘.” 


“Around junior high Pamela’s record in school became more erratic. ‘She could be a very good student if she wanted to be’, Penny Courson says, ‘I think she was very much like Jim. Mrs. Morrison and I talked about it, they were both very smart but didn’t always apply themselves’.” 

“As the band members point out, little was known about alcoholism back then. ‘We didn’t understand that it was a disease’, John Densmore says, ‘But I went into the bar that was next to our office about 20 years later and the same bartender was there. And he told me he had never seen anyone drink as much as Jim did’.

‘If there had been a place to get Jim some help Pam would have been the first person to take him there’, says Penny Courson.”


– quotes taken from The Jim Morrison Scrapbook by Jim Henke


Adding some context to a person and their life is only fair when you are creating a Wikipedia page about them rather than giving sole focus to their faults, their problems and their pain, problems and pain that can be at least partially attributed to the subject being in love with and living with a reckless, addicted, promiscuous rock star who was desired by women all over the world.


Aside from also ignoring the fact that Jim Morrison referred to Pamela Courson as his “only companion life” in his own handwriting, Wikipedia also forgot to mention that Courson’s most heartfelt wish was that Jim Morrison leave The Doors and focus on his writing and his poetry because she saw that the rock star lifestyle that Morrison was living only fueled Morrison’s self-destruction.


Jim Morrison’s dedication page for his book of poems The Lords and The New Creatures


Pamela Courson’s efforts to get Jim Morrison actual professional help is noted in both Jim Henke’s book, “Pam did persuade Jim to see a psychiatrist at UCLA. Jim went to at least two appointments but didn’t stick with it,” Penny Courson says, and this is confirmed by others who knew Morrison in  Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together, by Jim’s close friend Frank Lisciandro but are not included on Courson’s page.


Morrison’s friends have stated that Pamela Courson also helped Morrison edit his poems and the answers Morrison gave in interviews.


So, “Corbie”, when did Patricia Kennealy ever try to get Jim Morrison professional help for his emotional and substance abuse problems? When did Patricia Kennealy ever try to help Jim Morrison carry the weight of his professional obligations? When did Jim Morrison ever share a home with Patricia Kennealy?

Oh! That’s right! Never.


I’m guessing that it would probably be a waste of time to expect “CorbieV” to ever allow for any of the quotes from Henke’s book on Pamela Courson’s page.


“They really fell in love at first sight. Jim had a little bag packed, by the side of the stage. He was waiting and hoping that she’d come back. And one night, she came back, and that was the beginning of the love story.” Penny Courson, Pamela’s mother

Jim and Pamela would also come over to the Courson’s  for dinner. ‘Beautiful, Jim’s manners were just phenomenal’, Penny Courson remembers, ‘he would take whatever food was being passed around and he would serve Pamela first and then he would put some on his plate. I was very impressed’.”



“Clearly no one else in Jim’s life was as close to him as Pamela was. Of course she was his wife, Pamela was Jim Morrison’s soul wife if nothing else.“ – Doors’ manager Bill Siddons


Pam said that she and Jim were married, and I believe Pam because Jim never said they weren’t.”

– Michael McClure, beat poet, playwright and close friend of Jim Morrison



“It may have been in bits and pieces but I gave you the best of me.” – Jim Morrison



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