Did Wikipedia Allow Patricia Kennealy to Write Pamela Courson’s Page?

Wikipedia is notorious for allowing its editors and its Administrators to control the narrative of various pages in which these editors and Administrators have an obvious personal agenda they’d like to promote.


And this appears to also be the case when it comes to Pamela Courson’s Wikipedia page.


Wikipedia starts off by describing Pamela Courson as “a long-term companion of Jim Morrison”.

A long-term companion, as if Courson was merely one of many.


Like many people in their twenties across the United States and Europe, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson both enjoyed the sexual freedom of the 1960s music scene, that much is true.


However, Morrison and Courson’s relationship continued for five years, the longest Jim Morrison had ever been with any other woman, and Pamela Courson was the only woman that Jim Morrison ever lived with.


Fans of Jim Morrison and of The Doors have varying opinions about the late Pamela Courson but the fact remains, Wikipedia, despite how dysfunctional their relationship may have been, that Pamela Courson was Jim Morrison’s only long-term companion.


“Pam was the only constant and enduring relationship, definitely, but it was a long and stormy one. There was a certain part of Jim that he dedicated solely to her.”

– Frank Lisciandro


Whoever has been granted control over Pamela’s page also feels that it is very important for readers to understand the following:



“Pam said that she and Jim were married, and I believe Pam because Jim never said they weren’t.”

– Michael McClure, beat poet, playwright and close friend of Jim Morrison


The “unmarried” reference was an unnecessary comment made in connection with Pamela Courson’s fight for her legal and rightful inheritance of the estate Jim Morrison left her.


The fact that Pamela Courson was considered an “unmarried person” – even though in Courson’s autopsy report Pamela was referred to as Pamela Susan Morrison and Jim Morrison was named as her husband – had nothing to do with the delay in her receiving the inheritance. Jim Morrison left behind some financial messes that needed to be taken care of before Courson was able to financially gain from Jim’s estate (Courson only won her right to Morrison’s estate shortly before she died in 1974).


Nonetheless, Pamela Courson being christened Pamela Courson-Morrison in death seems to strike a very, very sensitive nerve with some mysterious Wikipedia editor.


Or perhaps this editor is not so mysterious after all.


Reading the Wikipedia pages of Jim Morrison, Pamela Courson and Patricia Kennealy the reader gets the impression that there is one editor keeping close watch on all three pages and it wouldn’t be surprising that this editor is none other than Patricia Kennealy herself.


And, of course, Pamela Courson’s already well-documented substance abuse problem is included in what was supposed to sound like a positive story about Courson. But Kennealy’s libelous rumor mongering about Courson after Courson had conveniently died is never mentioned.


Wikipedia could’ve opted to include these quotes and stories about Pamela Courson but they did not include this information despite having easy access to it:


“In her early years Pam was a shy girl who did well in school but had few friends. Like Jim, she loved art. ‘Laguna Beach has a big art festival’, her mother said, ‘and for several years in a row, in her teens, Pam’s work was featured there, and she did quite well’.” 


“At sixteen Pamela began acting, ‘A theater in the round opened in Anaheim’, say Penny Courson, Pamela’s mother, and she was in several productions, including Little Women‘.” 


“Around junior high Pamela’s record in school became more erratic. ‘She could be a very good student if she wanted to be’, Penny Courson says, ‘I think she was very much like Jim. Mr. Morrison and I talked about it, they were both very smart but didn’t always apply themselves’.” 


“As the band members point out, little was known about alcoholism back then. ‘We didn’t understand that it was a disease’, John Densmore says, ‘But I went into the bar that was next to our office about 20 years later and the same bartender was there. And he told me he had never seen anyone drink as much as Jim did’.” 


“If there had been a place to get Jim some help Pam would have been the first person to take him there”, says Penny Courson. In fact, Pam did persuade Jim to see a psychiatrist at UCLA. Jim went to at least two appointments but didn’t stick with it.”

– quotes taken from The Jim Morrison Scrapbook by Jim Henke


Friends ofJim Morrison have also said that Pamela helped edit Jim’s interviews and helped him edit his poems.


Aside from ignoring the fact that Jim Morrison referred to Pamela Courson as his “only companion life” in his will, Wikipedia also forgot to mention that  Courson’s biggest wish was that Jim Morrison leave The Doors because she saw the Jim’s rock star lifestyle was mentally and physically destroying him.


Now, when did Patricia Kennealy ever try to get Jim Morrison professional help for his emotional and substance abuse problems? When did Patricia Kennealy ever try to help Jim Morrison carry the weight of his professional obligations? When did Jim Morrison ever spend time with Patricia Kennealy and her parents? When did Jim Morrison ever share a home with Patricia Kennealy?

Oh, that’s right. Never.


It would seem that the Wikipedia editor who has been given sole control over Pamela Courson’s page (as well as Jim Morrison’s and as well as Patricia Kennealy’s) did not include Jim Henke’s book as a source because the author had too many positive things to say about Courson and because Henke acknowledged Courson’s importance in Jim Morrison’s life.


“Jim and Pamela would also come over to the Courson’s  for dinner. ‘Beautiful, Jim’s manners were just phenomenal’, Penny Courson remembers, ‘he would take whatever food was being passed around and he would serve Pamela first and then he would put some on his plate. I was very impressed’.”

– from The Jim Morrison Scrapbook, by Jim Henke


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