Jim Morrison Had “Ceremonies” With Several Other Women

“…the woman he [Jim Morrison] took to himself in an ancient and beautiful ceremony, as he took no other.”

– Patricia Kennealy


“As he took no other”?

Not by a long shot Miss Kennealy.  

The same friends and witnesses who have steadfastly refuted Patricia Kennealy’s claims confirm that Jim Morrison did take part in other esoteric, “blood bonding” rituals with at least two other women. 

In these cases, however, neither of the female participants ever claimed to be Jim Morrison’s “wife” or  his “true love” that Morrison, for some mysterious reason, kept secret from his friends, associates, band mates and not to mention rest of the world, after Morrison was no longer around to speak for himself.


Nico wanted Jim Morrison to join her brotherhood, and he obliged. They cut their thumbs in the desert with a knife and let their blood mingle. Such a ritual form of devotion appealed to their shared sense of theater, but Nico wanted even more. She wanted Jim Morrison to share not just her blood, but her son. One night Nico decided they should be married, to test if he was stringing her along, or serious.

As the drunken boor in front of her had offered little more than literary discourse and downright lust, she suggested to him that he might like to propose marriage to her. He laughed himself off his chair. She hit him, they fought, and when they got tired, they made up. That was the routine nature of their alliance, day after day – affection, argument, rancor, resolution.

‘I was in love with him, and that is how love goes, isn’t it? He was the first man I was in love with, because he was affectionate to my looks and my mind. But we took too much drink and too many drugs to make it, that was our difficulty. Everything was open to us, there were no rules. We had a too big an appetite’.

Nico kept two prevailing souvenirs of her liaison with Jim Morrison: his blood in hers, and red hair. He had a fetish for red-haired shanties, you know, Irish shanties. I was so much in love with him that I made my hair red after awhile. I wanted to please his taste. It was silly, wasn’t it? Like a teenager’. She kept her hair tinted red until he died.” 

An Unholy Alliance: Jim Morrison and Nico


From Frank Lisciandro’s, Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together 


an interview with Eva Gardonyi:

pages 323 – 324

Frank Lisciandro: Talk about that episode between you and Jim where you were doing a lot of cocaine and then cutting yourselves….

Eva Gardonyi: It was like we wanted to do like a brother/sister sort of stupidness, okay? We put our together and it started dripping and then we would smear it on our naked bodies and then we would start dancing and then f*cking and next morning the house was covered with blood.

Lisciandro: When Jim stayed a month or so at your house, what were his writing habits like?

Eva: That particular night he wrote a poem with blood, I don’t know, my memory just doesn’t serve me right. I don’t know if he tore it up or not. It was about some obscenities and thanking god.” 

Eva Gardonyi 



“Here’s the thing; if I got married but my ‘husband’ didn’t even want to make it legal, then ran off across the country to his longtime girlfriend I wouldn’t think he had taken it seriously either. And I wouldn’t be surprised if people assumed he was lying and didn’t mean it.”

– SatireKnight, Patricia Kennealy, FAQ 2