Patricia Kennealy Backtracks on The “Pam Murdered Jim” Rumor That She Started (and sometimes goes by the alias “Claudia Portugal”? ✨🧚‍♀️🔮😜✨)


If you have ever heard the rumor that Pamela Courson “murdered” Jim Morrison, or was responsible for his death by telling him that the heroin he, according to witnesses,  consumed on the night of his death was actually cocaine, it appears that this rumor originated with none other than Patricia Kennealy herself.


“I reluctantly doubt that she premeditated his slaughter.”


“Yeah, sure, Jim died with Pam; but only because she killed him.” 


“He still had not succeeded in freeing himself from the death-spiral of destructiveness and self-destructiveness to which Pam contributed so finally and fatally.” 


“In the end, Pamela Courson enabled Jim to his death.”


“She was morally culpable, that she handed him the equivalent of a loaded gun, stood back and watched him blow his brains out. Cathy Smith, the woman who gave John Belushi the drugs that killed him, was indeed charged with second-degree murder.”


Patricia Kennealy


Jim Morrison’s epic level of drug and alcohol abuse was well-known to Patricia Kennealy, to everyone who knew Morrison and to the general public before and after Morrison’s death.


Morrison’s epic level of drug and alcohol abuse is considered legendary even in rock music circles, and Morrison was also known for his sheer recklessness, sheer reckless behavior that had been going on long before Morrison even met Pamela Courson.


Considering Kennealy’s, shall we say “interest”, in Jim Morrison,  and considering that Kennealy had a…”memoir”…that she was trying to profit off of  and trying to convince the world that she was Jim Morrison’s one true, but secret, love, it is more than self-serving for Kennealy to try and demonize Pamela Courson in the eyes of the public by laying the blame for Morrison’s final act of self-destruction at Courson’s feet.


“Patricia also obsesses about Pamela, how Jim continues to ‘cleave unto’ Pamela instead of ‘cleaving unto’ her, especially since she’s sooo much more worthy of his love.”

– Janet Erwin, Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!


And, I’m sorry, but what did you, Miss Kennealy, yourself say was the cause of Jim Morrison’s death after you agreed to take a paid cameo part in Oliver Stone’s film The Doors?


The film that you were hoping would generate sales of your…”memoir”?



– Patricia Kennealy, 1991





“Here’s an interesting question: if the situation had been reversed… would Kennealy feel the same way? Imagine if Jim Morrison had fetched Pamela Courson, a noted heroin user, some heroin from the other side of their apartment. Courson has an adverse reaction, and dies. Would Kennealy consider Morrison morally responsible for murder?

And you know what? According to nightclub owner Sam Bernett, Jim Morrison did buy heroin for Pamela Courson, and he used it too.


– SatireKnight



Excellent point SatireKnight.

No, Jim Morrison would not have been blamed if Pamela Courson was the one who went out to buy drugs – no matter who she was buying them for – on the night in question and then mixed the drugs with alcohol and then died as a result.


And rest assured that Patricia Kennealy would blame only Courson for her own death, even if people leveled the same type of murder accusations at Morrison that Kennealy leveled at Courson.


Unfortunately for Kennealy, though, several eye-witnesses have since revealed that Jim Morrison may have knowingly consumed heroin the night that he died:


Daily Mail: The Shocking Truth About How Jim Morrison Really Died:


Sam Bernett, owner of the Paris nightclub The Rock-n-Roll Circus, where, according to witnesses, Jim Morrison spent his final hours:


“I greeted Jim as I always did,” recalled Bernett from his home in Paris.


“He didn’t look in great form, and immediately went to his usual spot at the bar and ordered a bottle of vodka. He was also drinking beers.


I was used to talking about everything with Jim – from Janis Joplin to the beatniks – but that night it was just a bit of small talk. He’d come in to pick up heroin for Pam.”


“He was always collecting drugs for her and the club was full of dealers.”


Morrison disappeared into the toilets at around 2:00 a.m.


“Then, about half an hour later, a cloakroom attendant came up to me and told me someone was locked in one of the cubicles and wasn’t coming out. It was then that I got a bouncer to smash the door down.”


Bernett was met by the sight of Morrison’s body, slumped on the toilet.


“I recognized the U.S. Army combat jacket and the riding boots from the Camargue region of France which he never took off. It was Jim Morrison, with his head between his knees, his arms dangling.”



Marianne Faithfull Reveals Her Drug Dealer Boyfriend Was Responsible For Death of Doors’ Frontman Jim Morrison

“Marianne Faithfull has spoken out about the death of Jim Morrison, claiming her drug dealer boyfriend was responsible.

In an interview with Mojo Magazine, Marianne said that her then boyfriend, Jean de Breteuil, a heroin dealer, paid the tragic Doors frontman a visit in July 1971, and provided him with the drugs that killed him.

I thought, ‘I’ll take a few Tuinal and I won’t be there’. And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him. I mean I’m sure it was an accident. Poor bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died. And I didn’t know anything about this.”

– Huffington Post U.K.






“…maybe she [Pamela] pushed it on him, telling him it was actually cocaine; maybe even – I don’t know. But if I had known, while she was still alive, that she had done even so much as that, HEAR ME GOD, I would have KILLED HER WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!”

– Patricia Kennealy


Miss Kennealy? I’m sure you are aware that you had an almost three-year period to confront the woman you like to tell people “murdered” your…”husband”…, right?


What you DID know when Pamela was still alive that she was one of several people who was with Jim Morrison during his final hours.


You also knew that when Pamela returned to the U.S. she spent most of her remaining years in Los Angeles.


So, what stopped you from going to Pamela and finding out what happened on the night that Jim died?


By the summer of 1971 you had already demonstrated that you knew how to get from New York to Los Angeles, and you had more than demonstrated that you were quite aggressive when it came to Jim Morrison.


The person you saw as your main rival for the the man that you claim was the greatest and only love of your life, the man that you – and ONLY you – claim was preparing to leave Paris and the woman he referred to as his “only companion in life” in order to fulfill your deepest, most heartfelt wish of making you his wedded wife and who was a key witness to his death and the circumstances surrounding his death is a mere plane ride away and you do…. NOTHING?




“I mean maybe it wasn’t deliberate or intentional. More like, ‘Here Jim, take this, it’s cocaine’, and it wasn’t, it was her smack.”

– Patricia Kennealy, 2017 


When Kennealy publicly stated that Pamela Courson “stood back” and watched Jim Morrison “blow his brains out”, despite Courson being nowhere near Morrison when Morrison consumed the alcohol and drug cocktail that witnesses say killed him, Kennealy didn’t mean to make it sound like Courson intentionally caused Jim Morrison’s death.


Thank you, Miss Kennealy, for clarifying that what you meant when you publicly compared Pamela Courson to Cathy Smith , the drug dealer who pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter in 1986 for actively injecting the late comedian and actor John Belushi with heroin.


And that what you actually meant when you said that Pamela Courson “premeditated” Jim Morrison’s “slaughter was that no one “pushed” Morrison to combine the drugs he himself purchased with beer and an entire bottle of vodka on that sad, fateful Paris night.




Kennealy’s Pamela Courson/Cathy Smith comparison is interesting, however.


In 2011 a woman claiming to be a psychic medium by the name of “Claudia Portugal” posted transcripts of a psychic channelling session, with the intention of balancing the scales of “justice” – which is also interesting given that Pamela Courson named the clothing boutique that she opened in 1969 Themis and that Themis was the the Greek goddess of justice – on a blog that is operated by a woman who goes by the name the Divine Channel Jacqueline.


The Scales of Justice by Divine Channel Jacqueline

“I am called ‘Jacqueline’ of the Great White Brotherhood of light on the other side.”


Scales of Justice: She Lived on Love Street, Pamela Courson



“Claudia Portugal” claims to have spoken to Pamela Courson’s “soul”.


Ms. Portugal claims Courson’s soul “confessed” that she “shot up” Jim Morrison with heroin, the same way Cathy Smith confessed to having “shot up” John Belushi with heroin.




Given that that it is also more than coincidental that “Claudia’s” channelling session just happens to follow Patricia Kennealy’s, or “the girl from New York”, as “Claudia” calls her, EXACT narrative; Jim Morrison really loved Kennealy and not Pamela Courson, Courson was unemployed, promiscuous and dependent on Morrison and “the girl from New York” was better than Courson, Courson was bad and “the girl from New York” was good, etc., etc., etc. –



– it would not be at all surprising to find out that the “Divine Jacqueline” is actually the not-so-divine Patricia Kennealy.




“I was sitting in my car outside The Doors’ office, thinking she and Jim were having a nice long talk inside, she was actually sitting in his car. He’d been coming back down the hall from the vocal booth as I was leaving, come to think of it, and apparently told her to go wait in his car, he’d be out in a few minutes. And left her sitting there for an hour.

And then, when he finally got in the car and she launched into an apology for her behavior for the past several months, for Miami, the abortion letter, the dagger in the desk, saying she’d been ‘really crazy’ for awhile but she was much better now, he simply said, without looking at her, ‘Which one is Flores Street?’

She calls it a ‘slap in the face.’ I calls that an understatement.”


“Just as he’d done in Miami, Jim made it plain to Patricia once again that they were through. He was gentle, but the message was unmistakable. (For instance, he’d suggested that they should start a ‘great literary correspondence,’ which pretty clearly meant ‘you stay on your coast, baby, and I’ll stay on mine.’)”

– Janet Erwin, Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over, Baby!


And that this “divine psychic channelling” was just another one of Kennealy’s nasty, vindictive reactions to Jim Morrison’s rejection of her.



Patricia Kennealy’s Questionable…”Memoir”


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The Doors on “The Witch” and Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Harassment of Jim Morrison’s Sister


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And as if having her “Pam murdered Jim!” and her “I was the one Jim loved! Not Pam!” theories “channelled” wasn’t enough, Miss Kennealy is also prone to having premonitions!


Well, she can borrow other people’s premonitions anyway.



“I felt a premonition when the time came [when Jim Morrison died] and he was there, he was right with me. I thought okay this is here and I’m going to have to deal with it.” 

– Patricia Kennealy




You felt that Jim Morrison was “right there with you”?


Interesting. Your former friend Janet Erwin had a very similar experience.


A very similar experience that Janet had personally shared with you:


“It had happened around eight o’clock the morning of July 7th, four days after Jim’s death but at least 36 hours before the world and I learned of it. I was just drifting off when someone sat down next to me on the sofa – I felt the cushions give under his weight – slid his hands under my shoulders to lift me up, and bent to kiss me. He was so close I could feel the heat of his face over mine, and I knew it was Jim Morrison because I could smell him (what my journal describes a tad breathlessly as his ‘incredibly rich, masculine smell’). 

Patricia listened to all this without comment, then told me she was too drunk to talk any more and asked me to call her at her apartment in a couple of hours. When I did Patricia was sober, cold and hateful. There was no more feminine camaraderie; in fact she demanded to know what right I had to grieve for Jim since I meant nothing to him, unlike her.

When No One Here Gets Out Alive was published in 1980 and I saw the real Patricia in all her dubious glory, and when in 1986’s Rock Wives she not only expanded her earlier tall tales but ‘borrowed’ my dream and grafted it onto her own.”

– Janet Erwin


I take it, Miss Kennealy, that Janet Erwin came up with a much more interesting “premonition” than you did?