Patricia Kennealy’s Efforts to Profit Off of Jim Morrison’s Death


Patricia Kennealy to her Facebook followers:


“Because, unlike the Coursons and Morrisons, who sued each other after the junkie’s death [public reference to Pamela Courson] intestate from a heroin OD, I don’t grub in my husband’s grave for money.” 


‘She Dances in a Ring of Fire’ Blog


No, Miss Kennealy, you didn’t “grub” in your husband’s grave from money.

But you did, however, “grub” in Jim Morrison’s grave for money.


As usual, Miss Kennealy has a selective memory and a completely self-serving take on herself and her own actions.


Let’s see; taking a paid cameo part in Oliver Stone’s film The Doors and then using the film as a basis to publish her…”memoir… and to launch her long-defunct ‘Lizard Queen Productions’ website. The Most Insanely Inacccurate Biopics of All Time


Then there is Kennealy’s encounter with Jim Morrison’s younger brother Andy, and, from what I can gather, there was also some communication from a handwriting expert and attorneys representing Jim Morrison’s estate.

Something about trying to pass off a reportedly forged letter to Andy Morrison and Kennealy’s thwarted attempt at publishing letters that she claimed to have received from Jim Morrison as well as poems Kennealy claimed that she and Morrison co-authored?


Patricia Kennealy Suddenly Has Nothing to Say About the “Stacks of Love Letters” She Claimed to Have Received From Jim Morrison After a “Visit” With Jim’s Brother Andy


And there is this.

Kennealy snapping a photo of Jim Morrison’s grave in 1971 and having the photo copyrighted within that same year.



So, yes, Patricia Kennealy grubbed, she definitely grubbed for money in Jim Morrison’s grave and in his name for money.


This copyrighted, not to mention morbid, photo of Jim Morrison’s grave, Kennealy’s aggressive obsession with Pamela Courson and her obsession with Courson being named Jim Morrison’s sole heir pretty much tells me that Miss Kennealy was out to make money off her brief dalliance with Jim Morrison all along.


Kennealy’s money-making schemes never really worked, much to Kennealy’s obvious and ongoing bitterness and resentment.


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“Patricia Kennealy made Jim Morrison seem like a poetry spouting crybaby and a top-notch lover who she swears never drank. Of course, we all know this was not the case, but it goes to show the depths Patricia is willing to sink to keep the spotlight on herself.

No one has ever discussed Jim referring to her as his wife. Hell, people have evaluated Jim’s schedule at the time what with touring and all, and they were able to spend MAYBE a week and a half together. To say she is stretching it would be putting it nicely.”

– Raeanne, author of ‘She Dances In a Ring of Fire’ Blog