Patricia Kennealy’s “Visit” With Jim Morrison’s Brother

Patricia Kennealy tried to pass off a fake letter to Jim Morrison’s brother? Kennealy trolls fan boards and admits to creating a fake answering machine message using Jim Morrison’s voice.

Strange days indeed.


Patricia Kennealy’s comment to a young woman who was sharing and responding to posts about biographies about rock stars on a rock music fan board and who found Kennealy’s claims about Jim Morrison to be less than believable:


“I assure you, whore, I’m far from off my rocker. Then or now…But I guess all those letters from Jim – especially the one I gave his parents, brother and sister a copy of, when his brother came to visit me the first time here in New York City – don’t really exist, right?”


I would say that I wish Kennealy had given more details about how her “visit” with Jim Morrison’s family went. But, it turns out that Jim Morrison’s former brother-in-law, Reverend Alan R. Graham, gave a public statement about it.

Graham, who was married to Jim Morrison’s sister Anne for more than 20 years, had this public exchange where he discussed Patricia Kennealy giving Andy Morrison a letter.


The conversation starts with someone who identified themselves as “The Paladin”:


“In 1981 when I was producing a rock opera in Hollywood, I spoke with Alain Ronay [Alain Ronay befriended both Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson while they were living in Paris]. He told me a very similar story except in was a verbal message similar in tone and content. Ronay became upset when I said I would not introduce him to Jim’s parents because he had to ‘Tell them in person,’ as per Jim’s strict instructions. I believe this is where Kennealy somehow gleaned this information and is now trying to peddle it as her own experience.”  


Rev. Alan R. Graham:


“Recently I was contacted by somebody who claimed to have a letter written by Jim Morrison to his parents. 

Patricia Kennealy claims that this letter was given to her by Jim at the trial in Miami, and he told her to take it to Jim’s parents, the Admiral and Clara Morrison.” 


“Initially I’d assumed Patricia had gone to Miami to offer him her love and moral support, and I’d also assumed he’d invited her. She soon made it clear he hadn’t invited her and that she’d gone down solely to confront him. She was self-righteous about that confrontation. She had no sympathy for Jim’s plight whatsoever despite the fact that he was facing a possible prison term.” 

– Janet Erwin


Q. Do you remember Patricia Kennealy visiting Jim during the trial in Miami? If so was he happy to see her?

“No. He wasn’t. But given the gravity of the trial atmosphere, even Jimbo subconsciously held ‘the lizard brain’ in check and put up with her. Nobody could stand the b*tch, to tell the truth.”

– Tony Funches, Jim Morrison’s friend and body guard


“This is not the first time I have heard of this letter, two years ago Andy Morrison received a copy of this same letter from Patricia Kennealy herself when he visited her in New York.

She asked him to give it to the Admiral. It is curious to me that Kennealy never tried to get this letter to the Morrison family before. Like after Jim died

So I believe this letter to be a forgery that Kennealy was using in some sort of ‘scam’ to get next to the Morrison estate. Andy never went for it but he did get a free dinner and a good laugh. I say have at it Witch for all you will inherit for your greed is…’The Wind’.”


Jim Morrison’s Letter to His Parents?


“Since 1992 Patricia has continued to demonstrate her truly vicious, vengeful and greedy nature.”

– Janet Erwin


It would seem that Kennealy didn’t really “visit” with Jim Morrison’s entire family. Andy Morrison apparently agreed to meet with Kennealy and it doesn’t sound like this “visit” was a friendly one.

And I probably don’t need to point out that trying to pass off a fake, forged letter from a deceased person to their grieving family members is beyond tasteless and insensitive.


The story of Patricia Kennealy trying to fool Andy Morrison with a reportedly forged letter is very interesting.

Kennealy has been claiming for years to have “stacks” of love letters that she claims Jim Morrison “showered” her with, even while he was living in Paris.

So why didn’t Kennealy simply have these letters authenticated by an independent handwriting analyst and then publicly present the letters and prove once and for all that she is being truthful?


Here is the explanation that Miss Kennealy gave in a 2009 interview with as to why the public should simply take her word as far the “stacks” of love letters she claims to have received from Jim Morrison:


“I had planned to call the book Fireheart: The True Lost Writings of James Douglas Morrison, with extensive comment and annotations by me, and publish it 50 years after Jim’s death, when copyright constraints would be up. Unfortunately, Sonny Bono and Walt Disney shoved through an amendment to the copyright law, so now it’s 75 years and we’ll probably never see it. Thanks a lot, guys!”


Copyright law is an excuse that Patricia Kennealy has often used as a means of being able to talk her way out of publishing ‘Fireheart’ as promised and I’m sure Kennealy felt she offered a perfectly  believable excuse as far as her being legally blocked from producing ‘Fireheart’.

It is a shame, however, for Miss Kennealy that this excuse is not only completely self-serving but that it is also factually misleading and inaccurate from a legal standpoint.

Personal letters are considered to be the property of the letter’s creator and unauthorized use of personal letters could be considered a violation of copyright law, that much is true.

However…there was nothing stopping Miss Kennealy from producing parts of the letters she claims to have, even if they were only the parts that would prove that Jim Morrison took his alleged brief time with her seriously.


‘Things Writers Should Know About Quoting From Letters’, by Mark Fowler

You (and others) can, however, quote portions of the letter I sent you, to the extent permitted by fair use. Alas, there are no bright lines as to what constitutes fair use — no clear assurances that quoting, for example, 30 words from a two-page unpublished letter is surely fair use, while quoting 100 words from the same letter is not.

It is certain, however, that, because a letter is a short work, the number of words that you can safely quote is far smaller than the number you could safely quote from a longer work. You must also quote sparingly from other short works, such as song lyrics and poetry.


Since Miss Kennealy has demonstrated that she is well-versed in copyright laws I am sure that she is well-aware of this little loophole.


And then there is the case of a break up letter that pop icon Madonna received from the late rapper Tupac Shakur.


“The Appellate Division said Madonna’s claims were barred by a ‘very broad’  release in her 2004 settlement agreement with Lutz, who was ‘free to do with the property as she wished’ as its rightful owner.” 


A former assistant of Madonna’s won the legal right to not only claim a letter written by Shakur to Madonna about a very personal matter as their legal property but also the right to sell the letter at auction.

Given that both Shakur’s estate and Madonna herself have a lot more clout, connections,  legal resources and money to work with than either Patricia Kennealy or Jim Morrison’s estate, Miss Kennealy will have to give a more thorough answer as to why she was unable to legally – and easily – establish that these alleged personal “love letters” she claims to have received from Jim Morrison decades ago, decades old letters that Miss Kennealy still claims to have in her personal possession, are legally her personal property.


Also, there is absolutely no copyright law stopping Miss Kennealy from letting the public see dated and post-marked envelopes with Jim Morrison’s authenticated handwriting on them.

That would have at least proven her claim of continuing to receive letters from Jim Morrison even after Morrison, according to friends and witnesses, finally made it clear to Kennealy that she was mistaken if she thought her brief time with him meant that he wanted a any kind of relationship with her.

So why hasn’t she presented any of this proof that she claims to have?

Given how many lies and self-contradictory statements Patricia Kennealy has been caught in; the only answer that makes sense is that these “stacks” of love letters simply do not exist.


“Also, I kind of love Kennealy’s description of the letters Jim Morrison gave her, with about eight-to-ten words per page, and only a few of those pages. It doesn’t exactly make their correspondence sound like the deep, insightful meeting of souls she tries to pass it off as. I bet Kennealy wishes she had never told Jerry Hopkins [co-author of No One Here Gets Out Alive] that.” 

– SatireKnight, Patricia Kennealy, FAQ 9


Kennealy may have a few pieces of correspondence from Jim Morrison, they supposedly communicated in writing a few times regarding her review of his poetry. However, these letters are probably not what anyone would consider to be “love” letters.

These letters probably have a much more casual tone and are much more low-key than Kennealy would ever dare to admit to.


Jim Morrison Had Several “Ceremonies” With Other Women


Patricia Kennealy and Her “Destined” Meeting With Jim Morrison


Patricia Kennealy often brings up topics such as copyright laws and other legal terms. One has to wonder if Miss Kennealy often talks certain legalities because she, and possibly the publishing company with whom she had a contract until shortly after the publication of her “memoir” and this reported incident with Andy Morrison, had been contacted by attorneys representing Jim Morrison’s estate.

Miss Kennealy? Is “Fireheart” the same book you actually ATTEMPTED to publish in the past? 

The book that you told your fans would contain all of the love letters you claim Jim Morrison wrote to you, as well as the poems you claimed were co-authored by you and Morrison?

I mean you were getting advanced press and reviews for ‘Fireheart’:


“Occasionally profane though often sexual, romantic in his verse and at times more playful in his prose” – New York Daily News

“The poems make clear that, however muddled his heart, he had feelings for her, and late letters from Paris spell out his plans to make her his legal wife.” –  London Daily Telegraph

“Extremely personal letters and poems, filled with references to the most intimate acts of love, and they are probably worth a fortune in the marketplace. News that Fireheart exists, stuffed with the supercharged emotion of Morrison’s lyrics, is already stirring his dedicated followers.” – Chicago Sun-Times.

Link: SatireKnight: Patricia Kennealy, FAQ 6 


So? What happened, Miss Kennealy? Why wasn’t ‘Fireheart’ ever published?


“They are already hiring a professional handwriting analyst.”

– SatireKnight


I think you may be correct about that, SatireKnight.


“Patricia Kennealy’s claims about the writings have proven to be false. Kennealy met with Jim Morrison’s brother Andy and a handwriting expert and it was confirmed that the writings were forgeries. When Andy Morrison made it known that they were forgeries, somehow all of Kennealy’s claims disappeared and she never spoke of them again.”


If Patricia Kennealy had anything in writing from Jim Morrison that she could verify and where he states that he thought of her as his…”wife”…and where he declares any sense of genuine feelings for her – Kennealy has made it obvious that she would have wasted no time in having her…”marriage”…validated in a court of law and making those written statements available for the world to see.


Kennealy has also, on more than one occasion, mentioned – and I’m guessing that whatever point Kennealy thinks she is making is supposed to “prove” something as well – that neither Jim Morrison’s family nor Pamela Courson’s family have sued her for her use of the name Morrison.


“On the other hand, it’s also rather telling that neither the Morrison family nor the Courson family, in the almost 18 years since Strange Days appeared or the almost 30 years since No One Here Gets Out Alive ever made any attempt to prevent me from using the words wife, marriage or the name Morrison.”

– Patricia Kennealy, 2009, to 


It is worth pointing out that Miss Kennealy’s home state of New York does not have a stringent criteria if a person who is 18 years of age or older would like to legally change their name to whatever name they choose:

‘Adult Name Change (No Marriage, No Divorce)’ 

“In order to change your name in New York, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old and not be incarcerated or on parole/probation. You must be a resident of the county in which the petition is being filed, and you must have been a resident of New York for a minimum of six (6) months.” 


So, no, Miss Kennealy, it is not “telling” that Jim Morrison’s family never took legal action over your dishonest and fraudulent use of their family name.


The Doors on “The Witch”, Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Harassment of Jim Morrison’s Sister


In fact, Jim Morrison’s surviving family members seem content to let you publicly make a fool of yourself with your ugly and jealousy-fueled online and Facebook rants while those who knew you personally and those who knew Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson prove that you like to conveniently rearrange the truth in order to suit your own delusional agenda.


In her public LiveJournal rant Patricia Kennealy also publicly admits to trying, along with the help of a friend, to create an answering machine message that was either supposed to be an out-going message or a message left on her machine and the message was supposed to sound like it was from Jim Morrison.

Kennealy dismissed the message as a “f*cking joke” after the fact, but what an odd thing to do. Was this fake message supposed to “prove” something? What exactly was the point of this rather morbid “joke” of a message?

Again, if Patricia Kennealy thought this fake message would benefit her in some way, she would have ran with it and Kennealy once again appears to have problems when it comes to being honest.

And this, as is often the case, was unintentionally pointed out by Miss Kennealy herself: LiveJournal Vintage Groupies: Books About Groupies