Patricia Kennealy; a “Natural Redhead”?


Patricia Kennealy claims to be a natural redhead.

Just like Pamela Courson! What a coincidence!

It would appear that Miss Kennealy can’t even be honest about the color of her hair.


“And in the first chapter proper of Strange Days, Patricia Kennealy emphasizes that she has very long auburn hair.

This is notable apparently because Jim Morrison had a particular liking for gingers (Pamela had red hair), although it doesn’t seem to have kept him from having relationships or flings with other women like Mary Werbelow, Nico (who dyed her hair red to appeal to him), Edie Sedgwick, and various other non-redheads.

But does Patricia Kennealy actually have red hair? 





Kennealy specifically talks about this photo in the fourth chapter of her book.

She mentions the name of the program specifically, states that she had never been on TV before, mentions the layout of participants and the hairstyle she had on the program. So this is NOT a different show, or different panel discussion. This is the same one.

Pretty clearly that is her natural color, rather than the red that she features in so many post-Morrison pictures.”

– SatireKnight, Stuff Patricia Kennealy Wants Forgotten


It is my understanding that Patricia Kennealy’s explanation for the difference in the color of her hair from when she was younger, and from before Jim Morrison was finally able to convince Miss Kennealy that their brief fling was not going to evolve into a long-term relationship, is that, for years, she was dyeing her “natural” red hair a dark color.




Miss Kennealy must, for whatever reason, continue to periodically dye her “natural” red hair dark.



Kennealy’s former friend Janet Erwin:


“On a hot and muggy afternoon in August I was walking along 2nd Avenue in the East Village when I was stopped by a young man who was apparently astonished (or appalled?) by the mass of frizzy red curls I’d pinned up off my neck in an attempt to keep cool.


He wanted to know if the mess was ‘real’, and I was in the process of giving him my standard answer to such questions – ‘You don’t think I’d do this to myself deliberately, do you?’ – when I saw Patricia Kennealy approaching us from the south.


Clearly she’d seen me too and was trying without much success to pretend she hadn’t, and as Patricia got closer I realized she’d dyed her dark brown hair red, and the combination of red dye over natural dark brown had produced, whether she intended to or not, a color virtually identical to my natural dark red.

Janet Erwin, a former friend of Patricia Kennealy'sJanet Erwin

Patricia passed us with head down and eyes averted, looking mortified.

And no wonder.”


– ‘Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!’