Ray Manzarek on Kennealy’s “Mad” Love For Jim Morrison


Ray Manzarek sums up the “relationship” between Patricia Kennealy and Jim Morrison.


From Manzarek’s, Light My Fire: My Life With The Doors:


“She [Patricia Kennealy] was also a well-known writer. She simply fell in love with Jim.



Ray Manzarek makes no mention at all of Jim Morrison ever returning Kennealy’s feelings and his use of the word madly does not appear to be a random choice.ย 


“Once inside Patricia lights into me, accuses me of befriending her to meet Jim Morrison. This jaw-dropping re-arrangement of reality leaves me speechless.ย 

Jim cocks an eyebrow at me as I resume my seat on the riser, but doesn’t say anything. Then Ray leans over, nods in the general direction of the restrooms, and asks Jim if that’s ‘old what’s-her-face…old Kennely?’

[Kennely is “Kennealy’s” birth name]

Yeeeaaah’, Jim drawls. ‘That’s her’.ย 

Ray shakes his head. It’s obvious from this exchange, as well as the expression of suspicion and dislike on his face when he opened the office door three weeks ago, that Ray pretty much knows the score where Patricia’s concerned. I wonder if Jim confided in him, or whether he’s witnessed enough of her strident lunacy to figure it out on his own?

Probably both.”ย 


–ย Janet Erwin, ‘Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!’



“Pamela was Jim’s other half. Those two were a perfect match, I’d never met anybody who complemented his eccentricity so well.”

– Ray Manzarekย 


L to R: Ray Manzarek, Ray’s wife Dorothy, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson.