Patricia Kennealy’s Questionable…”Memoir”


“In Kennealy’s account there is so much bitterness and REWRITING OF HISTORY,

there is so much HATE and BITTERNESS in this book…”

SatireKight on Kennealy’s memoir Strange Days 



Kathy Lisciandro: “I know that there were a lot of women that would be there for a weekend or even a day and then be gone.”

Frank Lisciandro: “And those seem to be the ones who write books, unfortunately.”

Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together, by Frank Lisciandro, a close friend of Jim Morrison’s

Left: Kathy Lisciandro, Frank Lisciandro’s wife, and Jim Morrison Right: Jim Morrison and Frank Lisciandro



Stephen Davis, author of Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend, on Kennealy’s “memoir”: 



page 367


“Patricia Kennely later changed the spelling of her name to ‘Kennealy’, and retold and elongated her story in her 1993 memoir Strange Days, which described in uncanny detail an alternative Jim Morrison that no one else who knew him was able to recognize.


Her tone throughout the book is angry, venomous, secretive, and defensive. But she hedged about some of her bizarre claims by writing that she might have hallucinated the whole thing.


She also wrote that she was high on marijuana, cocaine, and tranquilizers during the period in question.


Former Elektra employees who knew and worked with both Jim and Kennealy can only vouch for her being at certain places at certain times, and for her claiming she was pregnant by him.


Over the years, Patricia Kennealy has inserted herself into Jim Morrison’s saga via the media, first in No One Here Gets Out Alive, and then in Oliver Stone’s 1991 movie The Doors. ”



From ‘She Dances in a Ring of Fire‘ Tumblr blog:


Pamela Courson, 1969, promotional photoshoot for her clothing boutique Themis


“Okay, so, I just finished reading Patricia Kennealy’s book. Here are a few varied thoughts:


*98% of this book feels like pure bullsh*t. Jim Morrison was a very heavy drinker (even dear old Patricia says this a few times), behavior that is known to cause, amongst other things, lethargy and impotency. Yet, according to Kennealy, her and Jim’s sex life (something that she discusses redundantly) was fabulous all the time, and that he never, ever faltered in that department. I really wish that I could list off the countless other resources that have remarked on Jim’s alcohol related impotency.. namely Pamela herself and Paul Rothchild.


*Patricia seems utterly obsessed with Pamela Courson. Courson’s name is mentioned (on average) at least every 3 pages.


*Kennealy cannot seem to let go of how beautiful Pamela really was:


Pamela Courson


“Pamela Susan Courson, nine months younger than I, three years younger than Jim, is a staggeringly pretty woman.”


“By no means charmless, extremely pretty..”


“She was pretty, she was charming, and so on…”


“This must surely be the only alleged biopic [Kennealy’s reference to Oliver Stone’s film The Doors] ever made where the two real-life lead characters were far more beautiful than the two actors who portray them on the screen Though Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan are pretty enough, next to Jim and Pam they look like dull unattractive urchins with bad hair (wigs, but still).”


*The book is wholly self serving. I can’t find not one admitted flaw.


*Patricia takes as many pot shots as she can at other Doors insiders, as well as the surviving Doors, Jim and Pam’s families.


Patricia Kennealy Gloats Over Pamela Courson’s Sad Final Years


It Would Appear That Patricia Kennealy Was The Only Participant in Her “Marriage” to Jim Morrison


And even his dog, Sage.


*Try as she may to discredit Pam’s intellect/worth as a human being.


“I wasn’t around Pam all that much, I only met her a couple of times.”

– Patricia Kennealy, 2017



Patricia Kennealy Backtracks on The “Pam Murdered Jim” Rumor That She Started (And Sometimes Goes by The Alias “Claudia Portugal”? ✨🧚‍♀️🔮😜✨)


Did Wikipedia Allow Patricia Kennealy to Write Pamela Courson’s Page?



Janet M. Erwin, a former friend of Kennealy’s: 


Janet Erwin


“I haven’t read Strange Days, nor do I intend to, but I’ve had parts of it read to me, enough to know it’s simply a further and ever more spiteful rearranging of reality.


Since its publication in 1992 Patricia Kennealy has continued to demonstrate what seems to me to be her utter lack of pride and her truly vicious, vengeful and greedy nature.”


– Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!, by Janet Erwin



And then there is Patricia Kennealy herself.


“There is also a certain interview that Patricia Kennealy really, really wants people to forget.



(Patricia Kennealy: a “Natural Readhead”? )


That is an interview she gave for the book Rock Wives: The Hard Lives and Good Times of the Wives, Girlfriends, and Groupies of Rock and Roll, by Victoria Balfour.



“Patricia doesn’t know how seriously Jim took the ceremony; ‘Probably not too seriously‘, but to her, going through the ceremony was ‘like being validated the way I wanted to be. It was a very private thing for me, a bond I wanted to make with this person’.”

– SatireKnight: Stuff Patricia Kennealy Wants Forgotten


“Patricia Kennealy reveals that she and Jim Morrison were wed, SORT OF, in a witch ceremony in 1970.”

– Rock Wives’: Happy Endings Amid The Dirt


“Patricia Kennealy has reasons for not wanting people to read Balfour’s Rock Wives. Very simple ones: this book was published five or six years before Strange Days and before Kennealy’s DRASTIC revision of her role in Jim Morrison’s life.”

Kennealy is trying to rewrite reality without recognizing that she can’t.

The Rock Wives interview and the contributions to past Morrison books won’t cease to exist because she wants them to.”

– SatireKnight: Patricia Kennealy FAQ 9


And in the  Foreward of Kennealy’s “memoir” Strange Days even Kennealy admits that her “memoir” is NOT based on the truth, but based on the truth as SHE sees it, that the book is more about her own personal version of reality rather than fact.


“And that there is the biggest reason why people should not believe the epic romance Patricia Kennealy describes in Strange Days: because she herself debunked it.”

SatireKnight, Stuff Patricia Kennealy Wants Forgotten



“If you timeline Patricia Kennealy’s Strange Days and compare Jim Morrison’s schedule you will find that Patricia spent less than a week and a half with Jim Morrison – days, not even a month, let alone a year.”

– music journalist and friend of Jim Morrison’s, Salli Stevenson



“I barely saw Jim hanging out with Patricia Kennealy and if he ever married her in some sort of Wiccan blood ritual, he never spoke a word about it to anyone I ever knew. Jim and Lynn once went to some sort of Ouija board seance thing with Alice Cooper, but they left early because Jim thought it was stupid. For a guy who always mocked astrology and spirituality and transcendental meditation, I can’t imagine him taking a Wiccan wedding even remotely seriously.”

– Robby Krieger, from Krieger’s memoir Set The Night on Fire




Patricia Kennealy, Minus The Morrison


“People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality.”

– Jim Morrison