Patricia Kennealy’s Creepy Valentine’s Day Gift For Jim Morrison


“Patricia left Jim a Valentine today. A big black and white picture of her with Tandy Martin, Jim’s high school girlfriend. Stuck it under the windshield wiper on his car. She says she’s going to keep doing things like that ‘to make him crazy’.”

– Janet Erwin, ‘Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!’


Patricia Kennealy not only left this photo, according to Janet Erwin, for Jim Morrison but she also left it for the public to see in her…”memoir”…Strange Days. 


From left to right; Patricia Kennealy, a self-portrait that Jim Morrison painted while in high school and Tandy Martin.


(Or, by the time the photo was taken, Tandy Brodey. And Patricia “Kennealy” was then known as Patricia Kennely.)


The odd thing about this photo is that Kennealy barely mentions Tandy Martin in Strange Days.


And Kennealy never explains how she came to take this photo or why she had it taken;


Strange Days, by Patricia Kennealy, page 163:


“Oh right, I’ve seen your drawings ….or those paintings you did for Tandy”—Tandy Martin, his high school girlfriend in Virginia, now married to David Walley’s good friend Jim Brodey.” 


Martin is then mentioned in the photo credits and then a final time when Patricia Kennealy states that she knows where Martin’s husband holds poetry readings.


But Kennealy offers no further information about this picture.


Adding to the creepy nature of this photo is the fact that Patricia Kennealy had a serious, intimate relationship with the late David Walley; the same man who took the above photo of Kennealy and Martin, the same man who helped Kennealy locate Martin.



“Ray Manzarek opens the door and the look on his face when he sees Patricia tells me things are even worse than I thought. Her nervousness is obvious as she tells him she needs to see Jim Morrison briefly about interviewing him for the New York Times, the implication being that Jim’s already agreed to the interview, they simply have to arrange a time and place. It’s a lie, of course, and a good one.”

– Janet Erwin 


One has to wonder if Kennealy gave Martin the same story; that she was a reporter working on a story about Morrison and the unsuspecting Martin agreed to meet and speak with her and perhaps Kennealy did not discuss Martin or the photo at length out of fear that Martin would publicly reveal the true circumstances about how she and Kennealy met each other.


Is that the story she also gave Walley?


In any event, the fact remains that Patricia Kennealy admits to having tracked down the first girl that Jim Morrison went “steady” with when he was a teenager, took this photo and then, according to Erwin, left it on the windshield of his car in order to “make him crazy”.


I take it that jamming a dagger in Jim Morrison’s desk and sitting Pamela Courson down to tell her that she aborted Morrison’s baby when she knew Morrison was not the child’s father was not enough to satisfy Miss Kennealy.


There is a legal term for this type of behavior. Let’s just say it rhymes with “talking”.


Patricia Kennealy And Her “Destined” Meeting With Jim Morrison


Kennealy’s antics – antics Kennealy actually boasted about in her “memoir” – were taking place while Jim Morrison was dealing with the fallout of the infamous concert in Miami and during the time Morrison was preparing for a trial where he was answering to obscenity and  “lewd and lascivious behavior in public” charges.


Jim Morrison, after turning himself in to the FBI on April 4, 1969


Why Kennealy would want to make Jim Morrison “crazy” during the most painful, humiliating and frightening time in his life while claiming  to “love” him is truly anyone’s guess.


“Initially I’d assumed Patricia had gone to Miami to offer him her love and moral support, and I’d also assumed he’d invited her. She soon made it clear he hadn’t invited her and that she’d gone down solely to confront him. She was self-righteous about that confrontation. She had no sympathy for Jim’s plight whatsoever despite the fact that he was facing a possible prison term.”

Janet Erwin, ‘Patricia Kennealy: Your Ballroom Days Are Over Baby!’

Janet Erwin


Q. Do you remember Patricia Kennealy visiting Jim during the trial in Miami? If so was he happy to see her?

“No. He wasn’t. But given the gravity of the trial atmosphere, even Jimbo subconsciously held ‘the lizard brain’ in check and put up with her. Nobody could stand the b*tch, to tell the truth.”

– Tony Funches, Jim Morrison’s friend and body guard


Tony Funches and Jim Morrison


Maybe Patricia Kennealy’s obvious feelings entitlement and even more obvious feelings of jealousy and rage over being rejected in favor of Pamela Courson is her own unique definition of “love”.


“Everyone knows Patricia Kennealy is the woman who stalked Jim Morrison, who claimed to be officially engaged to Jim, who claimed to marry him, and now claims to be his widow.”

– music journalist, and a friend of Jim Morrison’s, Salli Stevenson


Salli Stevenson and Jim Morrison, 1970